Grobo vs. Mary AG - let's start

Let’s discuss more in detail!

Agreed what I’m purchased is not what was promised to me and I also think staff need to chime in more … when this forum first started they all chatted with us but now we hear from Stephen from time to but mostly when it’s damage control in my opinion … I dunno it was a good idea but this area is way overpriced my tent was fully automated under 300 dollars excluding gym light setup … but even control my clip fans automatically


A friend I met of ig has built his version of these boxes with arduino Board and some raspberry pi’s everything made for just 500 and he has full automated control and has a true 300 watt led last harvest was mac1 caps cut he yielded a 1/4 lb


Could you message me the handle? I’d like to check out the unit!


Please share the handle with everyone - I’d love to know as well.


He doesn’t have pics posted mostly of just his tent grows but his handle is danksydank … not sure if he changed his name or not but if you go to my grow page on ig he’s usually commenting my handle is @justgrowingbroke


I agree that I’m surprised grobo is not counter selling their product as most companies would. Lots of fair opinions around here as everyone is coming in with different experiences desired outcomes and end goals.
That is a bonus for grobo as it means their target audience is likely bigger than what they considered and havent adjusted to it. Sales 101.


Yup exactly


What dome setup did you purchase for your germination process for the Mary? Did you compare a few different options, what led you to purchase the one you did?

Have you have any conversations with David, Frank, or Andrew about the potential of starting with an established clone? I wasn’t expecting to see such a hands on approach with the mixing of the nutrients, however, I’m hopeful they can get their “Rip Packet” nutrients sooner than later.

Did you end up calling it quits on the seedling and start over? Or are you calling it quits entirely on the Mary?

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@chris_barfield Totally fair feedback. We definitely haven’t been responding as much as normal. I know that @stephen and a couple others on the team do check the forum daily, but we’ve largely been heads down for the past year or so.

Moving our manufacturing to the US has taken a huge amount of work from the entire team, including our software team. As a result, we definitely haven’t delivered everything we wanted to yet but cool developments are in the pipeline that we think you’ll really like.

In the meantime, I’ll personally work to get onto AG more and keep contributing to the discussion!


Hi Rich,

My experiment with Mary is completed. They are going to come pick up the unit. I did submit a ticket with @Stephen to ask a few questions. @bjorn maybe you saw that ticket? Anyway, waiting on that before next steps.


I’m sorry to hear that! If you don’t mind me asking, do you not see the unit having success or it’s you really aren’t interested in the hands on approach in the early stages?

After reading more about how the nutrients are currently being dispensed was a bit of a turnoff. I’m interested to see how they adapt their techniques over the new few months.

Best of luck on the rest of your Grobo grow!

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Hey Rich,

I purchased an automated system - the only thing I’m interested in. In my opinion, Grobo is offering me that. Mary is not if I need to germinate, mix nutrients, etc external of the system. To me, it has been falsely advertised at this stage of the game. Little things they have on their site, like QR code scanning for plant recipes don’t exist in the app. No mention of external germination. No mention of mixing nutrients and having a bunch of additional equipment:

  • External Grow Light

  • External grow pots

  • External pump to put in and take out water to the machine.

  • PH up and down solutions, and measuring devices, including EC pen.

All of this I didn’t sign up for - I signed up for an automated grow system. To me, Mary today is a really, really pretty stealth grow box. But it is not an automated growing experience.


We definitely appreciate you sharing this experience and putting yourself up for the task of comparison. I believe you have single handedly saved consumers time, money and struggle with your analysis of comparison!


@RedCorrado - Yup I just chatted with Stephen and got the update on your ticket. He’s responding to you now :wink:


@bjorn thanks man - I’ll responding to him know.

Appreciate the support.


Well the Mary had my attention not going to lie, but there is still a lot of truth with you get what you pay for. Bummer for the lil gal non the less-

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Love the All growers website I have learned a lot about growing from all of the members
I am using a Mary AG this is my 5th Grow I lost a grow early on first grow was about 20 grams my 4th grow just under 2 ounces dry number 5 is 2 weeks away from harvest I have had some of the same problems smell noise air pump
Just my 2 cents