Grobo vs Leaf

Hi friends!

Ever since Grobo took off, I’ve seen several other companies try to duplicate on your success. Of course each one touts itself as a great tool.

I’m wondering (from a marketing standpoint) if you’ll be publishing any type of documentation showing where Grobo excels where the competition fails. Maybe a comparison chart or a pro/con list of some sorts.

I still think Grobo will blow the other products out of the water given the amount of detail and love I’ve seen by following you all on Facebook and instagram. If anything, you look to be the leaders in the particular product world. But I’d like to be able to tell my friends WHY I feel Grobo is a better backing at this point than the competition.

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Hey SterlingNico!

First, thanks for your support!!

We would love to do a comparison test one day, but unfortunately nobody is shipping product yet so that one will have to wait. What we can say, however, is that we know how to grow plants. At any one time we are growing well over 100 plants across Grobos and different systems. This teaches us how to develop technology that doesn’t clog, smell, or fail. Most importantly, it helps us speed up how quickly we can grow your plants.

These tests have shown us that it’s possible to achieve amazing yields in a small amount of space. That’s why Grobo is the smallest product on the market so that it can fit seamlessly into your home.

Lastly, you can tell your friends about our team, because you’re not in this alone. Growing plants is hard which is why we pride ourselves on being accessible, knowledgable and friendly (sorry - we just have to be nice, we’re Canadian!).

Hopefully that helps and we look forward to chatting with your friends soon!



Hey SterlingNico! How is Marley doing these days? Hope all is well with her. I’ve seen much of the competition you are referring to, but I’m not familiar with Vlv. Can you provide any more deets?


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I haven’t seen much. And I think I miss spoke, I thought it was Viv, but it’s Kivi. There isn’t much out there about it but this is all I know about it here.

It really doesn’t look like they have put much thought into it. Who knows, might be a scam product for all I know. The site doesn’t really give me much faith in the product.

Oh! And Marley if great! I actually cultivated some of her and used her to make some cookies. It was fantastic and a totally different high than what I’ve ever had before. Instead of really getting the typical high, I got a massive feeling of ‘calm’ riding over my body. It was surreal. I don’t know if that’s just because it was home grown, or maybe a different plant, or maybe I just screwed it up… but hey, it was all great nonetheless!

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Ah yes, we are aware of Kivi and share your concerns. Thanks for the info.

Glad to hear Marley did well for you! Mmmmm cookies… :cookie:

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hi guys.
i did some resurch regarding Leaf. it is an Israeli guy. as much as i know the Leaf is targeted to grow cannabies and thats their marketing strategy.
they are in eraly stage of designing and i couldent find any video showing a prototype functioning.
conserning Grobo their only reference is that Leaf has a bigger growing space and that it seams Grobo will be more expensive to buy.
they haven’t released any supply/shipping date for their product.
as an Israeli, i take them seriously and i asked them for information but still (more then a mounth now) did not get any response.

continue the greate work you are doing and accelerate the efforts to ship Grobo as the first to be commercial will conquer the market!

all the best.

Hey Gilad,

Thanks for your kind words! I’ve responded to your email.


So Leaf released there product pricing today. 3000 dollars for what looks like a large mini fridge. I’d rather stick with the Grobo. It’s less expensive and it looks better. Plus, I dig the fact that the Grobo development team has been so transparent with us and are easily accessible.


So they have gone from 4 plants to 1 and are more than double our price. Interesting. Where did you find this breaking news?

Lol, I signed up to get the pre-release news a while back. Looks like all the info is available now on their site though.

Looks overpriced and overly bulky compared to the Grobo. I think the only advantage (which isn’t really an advantage) to me is that you can hook it up to your home water supply.

I’m sticking with Grobo.

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good news for Grobo. i totaly agree with SterlingNico. although in some categories in life bigger/larger is better, in this case the size of Leaf is an disadvantage as it needs to be plased somewhere in the house and a refrigider size box is difficult to “just” place it anywhere! especially for young people that usually live in small appartments.
as for the price i’m surprised… all the way they targeded $1299 how did they come with $3000?!! good for us!!
on top of all the abouve the Leaf is bad looking… very bad looking!
I feel good… very good about making the choice to buy GROBO!



hi guys.

seems since you guys started, the idea has became a phenomenon… here is another site advertising a system for home growing.

the site looks very similar to yours, making you wonder how obvious it is an imitation of GROBO…

any way… look at it. see if you can get somthing out of this information, (at least knowing the issue of home growing is caching up so fast assures we are on a good track).

all the best

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You know, there’s one thing that drives me nuts with all these Johnny Come Latelies. And it’s the fact that they are kinda make a joke of there own product.

Grobo really seems to take themselves seriously and I get the vibe that they really believe in the product they are making. All the other are basically running there marketing towards stupid stoners or millennial males with a “Hey, look at us, we grow weed. LULZ, give us money!” It’s almost offensive.

Everything I’ve seen looks bulkier, and I will almost bet the app’s they use to monitor will crash all the freaking time.

Oh, and everyone also looks WAY more expensive than Grobo. It’s like Hooli vs. Pied Piper. (Silicon Valley joke for the win!)


Love the SV joke SterlingNico!!

We are very proud of what we have developed, We can’t wait to show you some excited updates in the next few months and then actually ship your Grobos ASAP!


I learnt about Grobo today and I’m really impressed.

Before I was thinking about getting a Leaf box but now I’m not sure sure anymore.

Will Grobo support the drying of Cannabis like the Leaf does?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your kind words!

You will be able to dry your flower in the Grobo when you are done and take advantage of the carbon filter for odour issues. I’m personally not a fan of the Leaf ‘dry rack’ system that has the grower laying those precious buds down and heating them up in order to dry faster. (Yikes!) We are much more traditional in our method of air drying before we recommend curing in a glass jar.

Hope this helps…

Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much. Now I’m sold on the Grobo. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Great product and love that you’re a Canadian company!

I’m curious, does the Grobo have an internal camera like the Seedo Lab and Leaf? Also, is the door lock controllable from the app?


Hi Matt,

Welcome to All Growers & thanks for your kind words. We considered an internal camera, and you may see one in a future iteration, but for now no. A lot of time needs to be spent on the security of such a setup, and we are focusing on plant quality more. The door lock is controlled by the app, yes!


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