Grobo, be careful, Lack of operating capital?

Tried to order. The will not ACCEPT an order without payment in Advance, but will only promise you about 45 day delivery with no guarantee.

Reached out and they said this is standard practice and I could basically go elsewhere if I don’t like it!

Wow, be careful…

Most business I know require payment in advance? Alternatively I think they also offer financing through a third party. (They did when I ordered, at least).

You scared of not receiving the product?
Put the purchase on your card. All cards that I know of allow you to dispute transactions if you never receive the item.


All legit business was don’t! Not a deposit mind you, the entire amount. That’s like an interest free loan!

Oh, and you won’t know about this policy until you check your CC

My concern if they won’t last and you’ll have a system you can’t get supplies and support for!

Good luck, personally going with Growzilla 5.0


I paid for my cell phone at least 30 days in advance. Normal practice in north America


No it’s not.

Paying for a service at the beginning of the month is way different than them holding $2300 without any promise of a delivery date.

Car dealers don’t require cash in advance
Amazon doesn’t require cash in advance
Most solvent manufacturers don’t require cash in advance!

Just be careful all

I don’t understand: every purchase I make on Amazon must be paid in full. This isn’t a car: this is a luxury, and I’m a happy Grobo customer who was glad to pay in full.

You want a scam? Ask about Seedo.


I’m glad you found an alternative option. We all deserve to grow at home via an automated fashion no matter what vendor you choose. We’ll see you back here when you are unsatisfied with them.


Grobo is not a scam, in fact, they have some of the best customer service you will find anywhere. Not to mention, the quality of the cannabis will spoil you for life!


Your not buying a car or a cell phone. Your buying a highly specialized piece of technology that is used for something that isnt even legal in that many countries. Your comparing apples to watermelons
Do the payment option plan and continue on.
It would be poor business to sit on a million units waiting for buyers. Especially since grobo is constantly making improvements and listening to customers and updating the unit


Yes, they charge on shipment. They don’t charge and then say will ship sometime , will let you know.


I’m not concerned that it’s a scam, I’m concerned with their solvency. Companies never announce that their closing ahead of time…they just start doing things like needing cash in advance, and not paying their suppliers, and then one unexpected day…

I called, and asked why was there a problem, and I was told that’s just how we do it… well like I say, I’m not willing to pay in advance for no nothing, not even a promised delivery date… they won’t give you a date, only “we’ll email you when we ship”. That just doesn’t seem like a sustainable business model.

If your willing to loan them your money, then go ahead… but what will it all be worth if they go belly up, and you can’t get supplies anymore?

All I’m saying is it’s a red flag. This says ongoing operations may not be adequate to support all expenses.

I want to buy it. I was excited to buy it. I was willing to wait for it, but asking me to pay for it and then wait, with no promised delivery is foolish, “Buyer beware”

How many years do they have to be open for you to consider it legit? 2? 5? 10?


It’s solvency not legitimacy I’m worried about.

Why not a deposit? Why do you need ALL the money up front? They are obviously funding operations with revenue they haven’t actually earned yet!

Anyway, I tried, I just won’t do business under that business model. Bet I’m not the only one… they should reconsider the policy.

I ordered 4/16, my order will be here tomorrow. Can’t wait, and I had questions before I placed the order they answered on Instagram and email.


You know, it was the lack of commitment to ship, even a rough date, that scares me.

Glad it worked out for you. Hope they are really solvent!

Sounds like a great product. I’d love to own one, and I’d be happy to pay at time of shipment, or pay a deposit, but they would not take an order without the money! as I said before, doesn’t sound sustainable, seems like they will never be more than a scrappy, minor player!

Hope thy make it.

I think you are raising false alarms.

Shipping is normally quick - There is lots of Grobo our in the wild.

This is standard practice for buying anything…

Also, I don’t think they would be inviting people to do beta testing, and be adding more features, if they are on the verge of becoming insolvent. I’m sure business is not as great given covid, and many people Out of jobs, but I was pleasantly surprised to see they are doing software improvements - This takes time and money.


Amazon does not do this, or any online retailer for that matter. That is not a reasonable expectation for the company. You want a product, buy it, and they will ship it to you… If they didn’t require money until you receive it, what’s to stop you from saying you don’t want it, soon as the company spends money to have it sent to you?


he just wants to troll over something he disagrees with. Time to move on if he wants it hell buy it. Why did he make an account otherwise.


Maybe you should be using a credit card if your not willing to pay for things in full.
Amazon does not take partial payments either.
As far as solvency I would say that would be on your end, your worried about the same thing the company is worried about in you.
Grobo has thrived and continued to build and show financial and social responsibility and there are thousands of us that have purchased without exact date of delivery and were happy to be patient for a chance to grow everyday!
Its obvious you didn’t do your homework on Grobo who has steady sales with no notion of slowing down or you wouldn’t hesitate to purchase.
I myself took advantage of a company called Affirm to pay for the unit in advance while I made payments to them.
What you are suggesting sounds more like rent to own or lay a way.


Agreed. They even say they are shipping the next day - they just have a disclaimer that says up to 45 days due to covid, which is reasonable.

Heck, I bought brewing equipment(not from Grobo obviously), that took them 3 weeks to send it to me, for nearly 2,000 work of equipment, I paid the money, and waited like any normal consumer.