Grobo, be careful, Lack of operating capital?

Dude this form is full of Grobro customers that has been and is satisfied with their Grobro purchase and waited with hope, fear, worried some kind of Anxiety if it was coming or not or even if it was real. I saw @Stephen in a video and fell in love with this product. I watched it for 3-4 months, everyday at least once a day. I even talked to him on the phone once or twice and felt like I was talking to a super star it was nostalgic for me.

When I had ALL the money I ordered it. It was a wait that I was told. Like everyone else was. I ordered mine in Oct 2019. Didn’t come until Dec. 19th. Planted my first seed on the 25th of Dec. I just went to harvest. It’s curing now and just started my second grow. Check out my experience “Just Started my 1st grow” or anyone else. Pure Quality :groboone:…To keep it :100: the price they asking for is nothing. It’s an investment. It’s a steal.

I could go on and on and so can others. This form is a community/family of Growbro :groboone: growers and some that have moved on with what they learned from it for more space. I want another one for real. It’s perfect. Especially like me wife, kids, quiet, it no SMELL looks great, save MONEY and I know what I’m getting.

Look I’m not salesman for Grobro. Just a fan. To me it seems like you are Trolling…if you are not going to get one or add some value to this community of Grobro users and Lovers. Go else where or try and help Seedo owners. They need the support right now :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I made the right choice because I was almost a victim of the Seedo


Agreed. Grobo has its issues - Bur for the most part, I have loved the experience, and not regretted the purchase. Sure, I could have a huge grow in tent for the cost, but I don’t want a massive tent taking up my garage. It’s also had some product issues, but the team worked to resolve.

It also got me into my first outdoor grow - Have 10 plants now sitting in my backyard, and Grobo got me back into it all!


From a Satisfied Customer,
I was Skeptical at First but decided to Gift myself one and Invested My Money. I have been very Happy with My Experience so Far. Here is my Timeline


I’m very sorry but my experience was:

Took my order, could be 45 days. No mention that I had to to pay 1st.

I asked if they could give me a rough date, whatever it would be, and I got , no promises, could be 45 days. No mention of the charge.

Then I notice the charge.

So I call, and get the product manager who says things are messed up with everything going on, but that’s they way we do it. He escalates and…

I get a nice email from the president apologizing, assuring me of their solvency, and offering me a refund.

Again, I hope I’m wrong and they make it. Too much risk of failure for me to buy in.

Sorry it’s the truth

How can they guarantee shipping to you with Covid?? The shipping companies can’t even do that.

Heck, I live right next to Amazon warehouse, and never waited more then 1-2 days for packages in large metro area. Covid hit, and Amazon is even delayed by days and weeks on shipping, and they are a titan of shipping.

You clearly aren’t ready for this product, and have un-realistic expectations.


No mention you had to pay first??? You are nuts. Any product you pay up-front. Your just trolling now.


So you got a refund and your still worried about solvency?
If that was the issue a refund could not have been suggested or given!
When you order on the order page/website it states pay in full or use payment option that doesn’t ship until paid in full.
Sorry you didnt understand that or check the website before ordering and was hoping to purchase and not pay until the item shipped but the company reserves the right to ask for payment before they obligate themselves and risk shipping out a unit that can be damaged in shipping for someone who may or may not pay for their purchase!
We do wish you success in finding what works for you!


This guy works for Growzilla 5.0…lol He is not real


I just realized I ordered a pair of shoes from Adidas a week ago. They charged my card at that time per my credit card company. However the shoes have not yet shipped. Adidas must not be a reputable business and are scamming me, and they must be having cash flow issues since they’re taking my money and sitting on it?



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If they were willing to refund you after you placed your order, wouldn’t they refund you again in the event that you reorder and somehow don’t receive your shipment :thinking:


Good news @Jim_T,

I’ve got units back in stock after a huge quarter for Grobo. I’m pretty much shipping next day now. Glad the back orders are all caught up, thanks for the patience growers!



I can attest to this! Ordered July 23, received July 29. I even emailed Grobo support asking about shipping before I ordered. @Dani responded within hrs saying units were shipping within 1-2 weeks now. I was willing to wait that but my unit was out the next day! Happily growing now with my first seed popped and starting her journey.