Grobo App question [RESOLVED]

Hi, still really excited for my grobo to arrive (hopefully soon). You have some beta-test grobos out there so I guess those beta testers already use your grobo app. Can you give some insights and pictures of the different control screens and options we will have in the app? I know those pictures from your hp and the demo control video but that doesn’t really give a feeling controls.
Will there also be some instruction videos for topping, trimming etc?
What kind of permissions will the app need?

Kind regards


Hi Fanatic,

Yes, our testers are all using the app. We are constantly making changes to it based on their feedback which is why we are not yet ready to release too much information. In short, you are able to select a pre-made grow recipe for the plant you have started. As it grows, you can track relevant data in the app and it will also prompt you with tips on how to improve your grow.

There will be information on how to properly top and trim your plants for sure. At the moment, the app does not require any special permissions.



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