Granddaddy Purp 1st Grow

Journal even if its only with pictures because it will give you a timeline to compare to.
Your gonna be a pro in no time!


A pro?! :flushed:… I think I have a long way to go! :crazy_face::call_me_hand:

I will try to get back into the journaling. Maybe I will just go and upload all the pics I have.


Day 60
Transition (Day 8 /14)

Hey Growers,
So it’s now 2 months. I got nervous the other day because I got a bit pruning happy… I thought I had ruined her. I mean all I did was remove her damaged leaves but when I finished :flushed: I was like what did I do… lol! I do think she is ok thou…

Here’s a few pics…

Blessings health and wellness to all!!!


She looks very good! Great job! :eyes::seedling:


Day 64
Transition (Day 12 /14)

Wazup Growers,

Not sure when the right time or if there still is time to lollipop her :thinking:

Please fill me in if ya can!

Here’s some pics…






((#ILoveThisFlower)): :white_flower::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:

((#YourGrowYourCall)): :herb:

(Do what you like with this grow and have it as your base grow for the next grows): (Every grow can be a little different, play around with them and find your favorite way of growing):

(With leaves are concerned Leave one foot of canapy): (Cut the little [popcorn] buds down the stolk from the first fan and down):

(Check out my [ExtendedStages]):


(I like to see [:eye:] at least some [MilkyTrichomes] before going to [Flush] to finish her off):


image vegetato Champion

  • (#LeavesAreSweating): :sweat_drops: (BurningLeaves): :fallen_leaf: (The light is heating up the [WaterDroplets] [:droplet: :sweat_drops:] and [BurningYourLeaves] [:fallen_leaf:]): (@vegetato is a [Genius]): (:man_scientist:)

  • (Add an Extra [Fan] in your Grobo and dry out the moisture to help): (:wind_face:)

  • (#Fan):



My last grow I pretty well lollipped until I went into transition. You don’t need anything under your canopy going into transition it’ll stretch and grow back in my opinion. To me it’s just wasted growth cause your going to cut a bunch off. But I would say clean up the bottom half of your plant bare for starters
Even that bottom most branch that has got lost in the growth. I would just cut it right off cause it’s just going to be larfy buds. Being your first grow if you just wanna let it go and do it’s thing that’s fine too, then you know what to do next time.


Day 71
Flower Stage
(Day 5 /50)

Hey Growerz!

Just completed her water change. She is in her 5th day of the Flower Stage. @Russel_Richardson I did as you said a removed that lower branch that was doing nothing. I’ve watched the videos and done my research but I still am sort of hesitant only cause I am not sure whether it’s still the right time to lollipop her. I feel like I want to remove all the needless leaves just not sure if I can or should.

Here are her pics from today…

Blesssings, health and wellness!


Looks good man! Just by looking at the first pic the smaller leaves that are in the shadow and the inner growth there can be removed, also look for inner bud sites that might not make it cause that’s wasted energy.
I understand the hesitation lol. But as long as they are healthy, which yours is super healthy, they’ll recover without skipping a beat. Just don’t take off more than half your plants foliage or it could shock it. My last grow I was pretty aggressive and she didn’t seem to mind whatsoever. The “rule of thumb” is never more than 20% at a time and allow for recovery. But I’ve done a little more. It’s all trial and error my friend! :beers:


Dude… you have put me at ease! Once I’m thru with work I am gonna do a bit of lollipop’ing!

Thank you! I will show pics later!!



Just hooked her up with a little shape up! :crazy_face::call_me_hand:

Tried to maintain only 20%. I may have done just a tad more but she looks better now…

Thanks a bunch!!

Pics below…




I wouldn’t be worried it looks okay. I would just strip it bare below my line, no sense in leaving little stragglers :+1:

Could even go higher but I’m just not sure how much higher your canopy goes. But for sure below.


Day 75
Flower (Day 9 /50)

Hey growers! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Just wanted to share some pics. I think she looks good and healthy but you be the judge!

Please fill me in on any advice of what I should be doing right now. I received the week 11 notification. Since I extended her for 2 weeks I am extending the week 11 instruction.

Thanks growers!


Looking good @CannabisJAC :fire::fire::fire: you experience any difficulties with that high temp in the box? I’m on germ day 4 with the same genetics, been watching your grow!!


I’m in NY so today was really the first “warm” day! I’ve been battling colder temps since the very start of her grow!
Imma a newbie though… so it’s been a journey but with all my fellow growers here, they have helped me greatly!!
Germ day 4… let the journey begin!! :crazy_face::call_me_hand:
Keep logging everything and take pictures always!
Share share share!!
Thanks for checking in on my growth too…


Hell yea man, noob here as well. Super stoked to have stumbled across the Grobo and even happier to have joined this bad ass community, what an incredible wealth of knowledge and awesome people always willing to lend a hand. It really is cool to think all of these individuals from many different backgrounds and lifestyles all coming together and bonding over a beautiful flower.

The Grobo has become my latest obsession :rofl:. I have done a handful of effective mods to my unit and the closet where it lives (it’s hot in there with everything running, most of the work I’ve done is focused on heat reducation). I’m collecting photos and writing explanations for each, and will be posting them in my “introduction” post when my GDP pops. Keep up the good work man, happy to be on the squad and look forward to growing with you brother. :facepunch:


Looking good dude. Just tuck some of those leaves down under to expose some of the other bud sites, that aren’t getting full exposure.


Day 78
Flower (Day 12 /50)

Wazup Growers!!

Today was water change day. Next week will be a water change and her first flush. Since the water change is next Tuesday and the flush would be on Wednesday. I was thinking I would just push Tuesday’s water change to Wednesday. Just do the week 11 notification flush.
I’m a bit confused though. Am I to remove bottles 3, 4 & 5 for the last 4 weeks?
One more important question. Should I be removing any more leaves? I haven’t wanted to because I’m just not sure what I should do. So… I’ve moved those leaves over or away so expose more bud sites. I really wanna remove those leaves. Should I?? The last picture shows what I’ve done with some leaves to expose her potential bud sites…

Blessings health and wellness to all…

Oh here are her pics…


Sup grower.
I’m not trying to pop your balloons :balloon: here, but your girl is not even close to flush, bruh. I’m not a scientist or a doctor but as a fellow grower I recommend you extend flower for a few weeks…
Just like The Rolling Stones, time is on your side…


Dude… I’m down for her! She’s my princess! :crazy_face::call_me_hand:Whatever is right I’m so down to do!
I received the flush notification last week. I didn’t do it being that I had extended her for 2 weeks during late veg. From a bit of research and reading I decided I should postponed her flush.

So you think I shouldn’t even do the flush next week? She is currently on day 12 of Flowering. If I do it it would leave her 31 days with out bottles 3, 4 & 5. I didn’t think that was right.

Open to any advice!! And thank you!!!