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@LeoneForte444 - What do you mean by “doing a double drain and fill” ?

I Drained and filled the night before and then the next day went and did another drain and fill and used a little extra hydro guard

Any idea on why she’s wilting, did I shock her and if so can she recover

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Pics of roots? Is your air pump + stone running? Are there bubbles in the DWC tank? What is the temperature of the water in the DWC? What is the temp and rh% inside the grow box?

What is the pH and EC? Do you have meters to check that on your own? If not, submit a ticket and contact Support because this plant is not looking healthy.


Roots are fine, water is like 72 it’s 80 degrees in the grobo, I asked them to get back to me with probe readings, I think she’s just stressed from me doing too much trimming I’m just gonna let her be and hope she gets better cus it’s all I can do

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Could you also post pics of the nute bottles? We can check to see what and how much has been dispensed.

Something is not right with your plant and I’m trying to help narrow the possibilities. Environment, nutrients, roots, etc. are all important growth factors.

It does look like you may have trimmed too many leaves at such an early stage. Those leaves are the power house for the plant and it’s best to leave them alone until the plant is much larger.


Can you give us a picture of the roots again? This is important

It’s just cus I over trimmed her she will be fine just need to leave her alone a bit thank you though and I refilled my nutrient bottles like I added new ones so nothing to show rn

I don’t think that’s it. Your plant looked sad before the trimming, that more than likely only compounded the issue.

I will pull an example from my first two grows to show you the difference and so you can see how much your plant was drooping.

First grow:

My current grow:

Your plant:


That pic you posted is after my trim, I did two trims back to back and it was after I was cleaning my tank with the double drain and fill, I think I just shocked and stressed her a lot, I need to just leave her alone and she’ll be fine

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Okay, well just trying to offer some assistance as your plant doesn’t look healthy, trim or not. It’s been over a day since you trimmed the leaves off, usually a plant will recover from a trimming in a matter of hours, not days. A healthy plant may not even notice a leaf or two of removal honestly.

We are just trying to get to the root cause, because if you don’t figure it out then things will only get worse, especially if it’s a problem that can progress like root rot or damping off, or a bad pH meter, etc. The easiest way to figure out a problem is to go down the list of potential problems and rule them out.

You shouldn’t be using a 2nd bottle of nutrients yet… which ones did you change out? That’s really weird.

I realized the picture was from after the trim, so I added another one of an earlier stage. Either way, your plant has been stunted in growth compared to other grows. Didn’t you say you extended veg a week already?


No u added a picture of after a trim not from an earlier stage the pic u added was from my first fan leaf trim then the next day I did a second fan leaf trim and I did all of this right after doing my drain and fills and root cleaning so she is just very over stressed and I know ur trying to help thank you as always, I added new bottles cus I had them and the other ones were a little low but it’s cus I been changing the water more often but now I’m back to changing once a week so I added new fresh bottles just to go with the new fresh clean water and tank I have faith my plant will turn out ok I will keep you all posted and I asked grobo for help with the ph readings already, again thank you for the concerns and the help also yes I extended veg but she’s only on day 7 of late veg, so she has two weeks still

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Well then good luck it sounds like you have it all figured out!


I may have it all figured out, I may not, it is what it is you know, there’s not much I can do rn besides waiting and seeing and hearing what grobo says about my levels, thank you for the help

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Update update update lol, grobo said my ph looked a little low but when I went to check my plant just now she looked healthier she’s started to perk up again

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So here is a before pic

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And here is an after pic

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Hey everyone so my roots were super badly covered in rot and my whole tank was covered, I went ahead and terminated her, I’m gonna restart now that I know so much more


@pyromancy and @miami5th was on point with the ROOT CAUSE of the issue. Thank you guys!


The roots were fine tho like two days before that’s why I didn’t think it was the roots it was crazy tho lol I had so much cleaning up to do there was white funk and mold all over the place lol

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