Gorilla Glue Auto, Day 18 Troubles

Hey man! Thank you for your responses.

do you think so on the pod set up? Mines a peat pod so its not nearly as close with the coco pod. Might be on the drier side of things but feels slightly damp. I struggle with how a media should feel…

I did move the humidifier set up back from the grobo and use the fan to direct the moisture I can see towards the grobo as the fan in the unit isn’t very strong. But you mentioned start to see it drop… Don’t we want relative humidity? I thought the ideal growing set up is 78 degrees with a relative humidity between 60-70%?

Can I also get your fans that you use? The name of them so I can buy some? Also can I ask what is in the upper left hand corner of the unit in the picture of the plant with the fans?

Thanks in advance!

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No worries :wink:!..

Taken off a A.G post:

Didn’t realise you were using peat pods :flushed:!..Might pull trigger myself later on​:+1:
Top corner is my:
Blinks wifi Mini Cam:

I’ve replaced the bases weight with a exact Match Magnetic Disc (should av been included by manufacturer in my opinion :roll_eyes:!!) But that’s the only complaint :wink:

& the fans are widely used:

Happy shopping & good luck :wink:!

Only Just realised your already using the fans :flushed:!:roll_eyes:!:rofl:!


Thanks man! I need to get some fans inside the unit for sure :slight_smile:




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  • (Her New Growth Looks Better): (With [Autos] Extending Any Stage Is Not Necessary Except For Flower Stage To Hold It Back From Flushing) (-Or- Germination To Hold It Back From Nutriance If There Were An Issue Getting Started) (Same Here For Early Veg) (-Because- Of The Recipe is 18 Hours Through The Entire Grow): (Transition -And- Flower Are Basically The Same):

  • (:infinity: Autos): {Search :mag:}:


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Hey dude we’ve chatted back and forth prior but I just wanna say tour auto looks just right for the Grobo. Autos grow a bit differently than some other photo periods and take some time to do their thing. The browning on the leaves is normal, those leaves will come off sooner or later as she gets bigger. I recommend to think in terms of foresight when you look at her. Where would you like to see tops? How many do you want her to have? Will you LST or does she need any leaf tucking/demolition to help her nodes grow?

I personally keep my Grobo in a closed room, if you look at my latest grow as soon as I moved the Grobo into that closet she exploded with growth. I’m not quite sure why, but the consistent humidity and warmer temperatures may be playing a factor


Yeah man, these are all things I need to consider. I feel like I am finally turning the corner with her. Today I changed the air pump with a much better and quieter one, so that’s dope! Two days ago I began my CO2 adding and feel it might be helping. And her roots are starting to whiten and look really quite good with roots starting to form near the top of the tap root!

At this point I don’t quite know what I’m looking for and could use help determining if I stay on course or if I move forward with extending things. Any help from anyone, input would be greatly appreciated! Below is my diary entry from this evening:

Ambient humidity 36%, 73.4° Inside humidity 41%, 73.1° Water temp 71.4° Old leaves looking brown and speckled still, but new leaves looking good! Added a yeast mixture for CO2 purposes. Also upgraded the air pump in the back, much quieter and more bubblage! Grobo was off for about 30 minutes while I worked on her. I think she started to go to sleep. Looking to get better nutrients as well like silica. Gotta find me some!



Are you using hydroguard or some other alternative? Your water temps are high.

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I am using hydroguard. I put in 5 ml on Sunday. Keep in mind the unit was off for 30 minutes with stagnant water. Water temp has been averaging 69 before this evening. What would you recommend though if the water temp gets too warm and stays too warm?


My first grow was done in Arizona summer with 70+ water temps and 7.5ml hydroguard was all I did.


Gotcha, I’m thinking also it may have gotten warm because of my A/C set up at the moment. Twas warm upstairs before I got in there.

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Cool cool. The only other thing I can think of is a ph health check. She’s droopy, and has been for reasons that can’t be explained. Your leaves should be raised and praying towards the light. Do you have ph calibration solutions?


I do not… Was hoping to hold off but ive been thinking about doing that. I will attempt to calibrate Sunday when I water change next. Did you have droopiness and solve it by calibrating the pH probe?


I DID! I had a gunk buildup on my ph and EC probes. I was using other nutes, but the ph seems to be an issue as of late.


Hello … Had the same problem 73.4 ° f fell … Your air pump draws heat in air from your other devices and heats the water.
Cooling bags in the water could help.:crossed_fingers:


Thanks guys for the insight! I will be cleaning the probes over the weekend. And the water temp has come back down to 68.5 since adding the new air pump outside the unit. Will update Sunday with photos :slight_smile:


Nice! Keep on truckin’

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Hey Growers,

Here is the latest entry into my journal:

Ambient humidity 27%, 70.7°
Inside humidity 33%, 71.7°
Water temp 65.7

Hello Grobo, Today was GG’s best-looking day in quite some time. She seemed perky and really likes the changes we have implemented. Her roots looked great! Tap root seems to be getting quite thick which bodes well for long term growth :slight_smile: Today we changed her water and added Hydroguard after a few hours to let the grobo get back to where it needs to be. We also cleaned the probes and recalibrated so hopefully the grobo can read things better. Lastly, we started applying a 25/75 Silica/Water (Tree Trunk) Supplement to the leaves via Foliar feeding. Got a fine mist sprayer and hope she does well. Not sure of the amount of foliar feeding we are supposed to do. Will find out :slight_smile:

So I suppose the only question I have right now is, how often should I foliar feed? Everyday, every other day? I don’t want to over due it but with the plant taking in nutrients much slower but more constant via roots, I’m curious how frequently to applicate. I’m going to try and do every other day unless told otherwise.


I think you’re gonna have to increase your humidity but foliar feed depending on the nutrients. It should be on the back of the bottle.

Usually you’ll get rust/cal mag spots on the leaves when the humidity goes below 40%


Got it,

I will work with the humidifier to get that up. Thanks man, I wasn’t sure what the spots could have been related too.

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No prob! Happened to me too. I use a toatronics humidifier these days a lot of people use them, it’s like $42 on Amazon