Gorilla Glue Auto, Day 18 Troubles

I DID! I had a gunk buildup on my ph and EC probes. I was using other nutes, but the ph seems to be an issue as of late.


Hello … Had the same problem 73.4 ° f fell … Your air pump draws heat in air from your other devices and heats the water.
Cooling bags in the water could help.:crossed_fingers:


Thanks guys for the insight! I will be cleaning the probes over the weekend. And the water temp has come back down to 68.5 since adding the new air pump outside the unit. Will update Sunday with photos :slight_smile:


Nice! Keep on truckin’

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Hey Growers,

Here is the latest entry into my journal:

Ambient humidity 27%, 70.7°
Inside humidity 33%, 71.7°
Water temp 65.7

Hello Grobo, Today was GG’s best-looking day in quite some time. She seemed perky and really likes the changes we have implemented. Her roots looked great! Tap root seems to be getting quite thick which bodes well for long term growth :slight_smile: Today we changed her water and added Hydroguard after a few hours to let the grobo get back to where it needs to be. We also cleaned the probes and recalibrated so hopefully the grobo can read things better. Lastly, we started applying a 25/75 Silica/Water (Tree Trunk) Supplement to the leaves via Foliar feeding. Got a fine mist sprayer and hope she does well. Not sure of the amount of foliar feeding we are supposed to do. Will find out :slight_smile:

So I suppose the only question I have right now is, how often should I foliar feed? Everyday, every other day? I don’t want to over due it but with the plant taking in nutrients much slower but more constant via roots, I’m curious how frequently to applicate. I’m going to try and do every other day unless told otherwise.


I think you’re gonna have to increase your humidity but foliar feed depending on the nutrients. It should be on the back of the bottle.

Usually you’ll get rust/cal mag spots on the leaves when the humidity goes below 40%


Got it,

I will work with the humidifier to get that up. Thanks man, I wasn’t sure what the spots could have been related too.

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No prob! Happened to me too. I use a toatronics humidifier these days a lot of people use them, it’s like $42 on Amazon


How did you run the fans? I just bought those exact ones



I ran the cable through the rear access panel m8 :wink:

A little fiddly :roll_eyes:! but better than anything sticking out the door imo Even if it won’t harm anything & best attempted in between grows btw as its in bits anyway :fist_right:

Errrrr Like this :flushed:!:rofl:!..


My Only criticism is that it’s Not Top Fill :roll_eyes:!!

But does have WiFi :fist_right:


Hello all! Thought I would check in and post the latest grobo journal! She was doing really well until my last water change when I tried foliar feeding… that didn’t go so well because of too intense dilution. Thought a 3:1 water:tree trunk (silica) would work as I read the concentration should be 75% let down. Well I burned her leaves… I felt really bad… and stopped after day 1. Been sticking to the plan and keeping the humidity around 55% whilst shaking the CO2 bottle everyday while keeping the water around 69 degrees. She is responding very well to everything and think she will get through the silica burn. Additionally, I don’t have a photo, but her roots are pure white and her tap root is crazy thick!


Also, can I get your thoughts on extending the Transition timing? I gave it an extra 7 days, because of some struggles leading up to this point. Do you think she looks good/needs that timing with her budding by day 70?

Ambient humidity 61%, 76.2° Inside humidity 59%, 75.7° Water temp 69.2°

Thanks All!


Watertemp is little bit too high. Take cooling bags into the reservoir. It works.
Cut off the lower leaves with the Brown spots.