Gorilla Glue Auto, Day 18 Troubles

Hi all,

I’ve been around for the last 2 months perusing the forums and am on the struggle bus with my grobo. I totally understand that I am not a person with a green thumb, but I am slowly losing my patience with the grobo. I have tried to create the perfect environment for the grobo and continually get the same response from support regarding the readings of my grobo. As of today these are the things I have done to help my plant and I am still running into issues with how she is responding.

For starters I live in Arizona where humidity is pretty low. I have since purchased a cool humidifier for the backside of the grobo. This humidifier was recommended in a thread I came across for low humidity inside the grobo: TaoTronics Humidifiers 6L Cool Mist Humidifier with Humidistat LED Display 26dB Whisper Quiet Wide Opening Humidifier for Large Bedroom Black TT-AH044

My humidity has since gone from 25% to 60% since putting this outside the unit.

Additionally, I changed the air stone to an air stone circle as the stone was not putting out enough air bubbles.

My current readings are such:

Ambient Temp and Humidity are 75.5 degrees and 34%
Inside the unit near the plant are 70 degrees and 60%
The Water Temp is 68.5 degrees as well.

Our water mixture is 50/50 RO and Distilled Water
We treat the water with the start-up nutrients every water change courtesy grobo and also put in 2 tsp of hydro guard as well.

The problems we are experiencing are of 3 variety.

  1. Browning of the roots, typically a problem of too warm of water or lacking of oxygen/air in hydroponics. I don’t know how to fix this.

  2. The plant is growing very slow and touching the base with its leave edges. I cannot seem to get the plant to grow as fast or keep the leaves from touching, as other plants on the forum or look as healthy. It’s really upsetting me.

  3. I have burning or browning on the edging of the leaves which is the most frustrating part because grobo support is telling me my unit is within specifications when it comes to pH levels and in general of what the sensors read.

I’ve had a plant fail, which was my first, and now I seem to be struggling to diagnose this plant. I tried feminized which was expert mode and now I am trying an auto which is supposed to be easier.

Any help would be ideal, because I really don’t want to sink anymore money into this thing. It’s turning into a money pit and is demoralizing at the moment.

Thank you kindly for your insight.



Hi Corey :wave:
Sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues with your grow so far.

For starters, what day on the growth schedule are you on? I see that you are on day 18, is that still vegetation? She looks an okay size for 18 days auto…
The browning on the first leaves when they first eat is pretty normal, I wouldn’t worry much about it.

Can you share a photo of your roots, it could possibly just stains and not rot on the roots, but only way to tell is to take a look.

Also did you calibrate your PH probes before getting started with your grow? Also autos are pretty weird, they just grow when they want to. They also tend to be smaller than regular and fems. I’m also currently growing a auto and she’s been a slow grower, I’m expecting her to take off anytime now. So you may be having a slow starter for now. They tend to stretch super fast once they so decide to grow.


Welcome fellow Arizonan! I’m sure that I have dealt with the same struggles if not more as my first grow was last summer (I’m a rebel :rofl:). Trying to keep the ambient at 70 was not possible at all as i’m not made of $$$. Everything @Vicc asked are all important questions. One thing to keep in mind, my two grows have NEVER been above 45% RH and my second grow is in transition at the moment. Humidity from what i’ve seen is the least of all the worries. A pic of the roots will reveal a lot. We are here to help! If you want to do some reading you can check out my first grow here. I ran into tons of issues with my first grow but made it through with the help of this forum.



Hey there! Pleased to meet you :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out. Let me see if I can answer your questions:

  1. I am currently in early vegetation. I have attached a photo. I guess I don’t have any frames of reference when it comes to how big a plant should be at any stage aside from looking to see what other grobo users are experiencing.
  2. As far as browning on the leaves goes, I did cut off the first set of leaves the other day, they had more or less wilted away, but still, have browned on the biggest leaves that have curled upward and inward. I wasn’t sure if this was a calcium deficiency or nutrient deficiency… not being able to read levels makes diagnosing this rather challenging, but understand its common with new plants.
  3. Please see the photo of roots! I clean them slightly today right before I took the picture there was a good chunk of brown gunk near the top of the roots. Not sure what is causing that.
  4. I did not calibrate the pH probes before this grow as I only got to use them for about a month with my last grow before she passed away and did not have/was not provided with any calibration solution.

I also included a picture of my current humidifying setup. I moved it back from the unit slightly as It was producing too much water and soaked the bottom of the grobo… fortunately caught this after a day of usage. I also just purchased a new/stronger air pump for inside the grobo as I feel the one provided with the unit does not move enough air, this should be here by the middle of the week. I also read on a forum that I was supposed to add the hydro guard after the nutrients dispense… I was not aware of this. I will be changing the water early by two days to this evening when I get home.

Current Grobo Schedule as of 022121

Thank you for your response!



Hey man! I was all over your first grow and read the entire thing. Definitely took some stuff from it! What part of Arizona are you located? Very cool to meet a fellow Arizonian :slight_smile: I’m located right outside Gilbert!

About a week ago my roots were pure white and looked very good. Not until recently do I feel they have gotten more brown. Do I need to change the water more often? That would be pretty rough if I had too… I had the inside of the grobo at 60% with its high being 69%, but that was with a humidifier right outside the unit. Unfortunately it produced/dispensed more water than anticipated and started pooling at the bottom of the grobo… got luck nothing shorted or caused a problem.

How are you overcoming the lack of humidity? I also saw someone make a sugar, water and yeast container they set inside the grobo to help artificially make CO2 to stimulate growth. Any thoughts on this? The science certainly is there.




I’m IN Gilbert lol. If up until you went into early veg your roots were white, it’s more than likely your roots are brown due to nutrient staining, mostly bottle 5. Do they smell fresh, like carrots? If so, you’re all good.Just take a whiff of your res and see if it smells funky. If it’s funky do 3 tsp of hydroguard. Water change still once a week.

As for humidity, I don’t overcome it, not in the Grobo anyways. My tent has a humidifier but I don’t see it as a major issue, just a plus to have the humidity up. I as well as many others don’t worry about dosing CO2.

Where is your seed from and who is the breeder?


Hi :wink:

With roots so established I would definitely raise your pod out of water range (stop dampening off)

I notice your humidifier close but OK I would pull it away a little though :wink:

Not sure on using the AC Infinity fan there is really needed either

I use 2 ACs Inside my grobo to improve circulation & also strengthen the plant

Hope your adding 5-7ml of Hydroguard with every water change & After grobos Dosing btw :+1:I leave mine till the nxt day :wink:

I think if you remove the fan & move the Humidifier away slightly but Still pointing towards grobie you should start to see your R.H drop :wink:

Never reached above 48RH with Humidifier set @ 40

Good luck bro :fist_right:


Got it man.

As of right now I have a fresh smell yes. The roots seem more brown after bottle 5 dispensed last night from the water change.

I do want the humidity to be up if possible as its better growing conditions. Not sure if its making a difference tho. Can I ask what your inside temp is? I want to make sure mines not too cold. Mine is fluctuating between 70-78 depending on the time of day due to a/c and heater running.

My seed unfortunately isn’t on the app itself even though I got it from a Grobo Supplier… Gorilla Glue Auto from Growers Choice (70 Day) . I came across a recipe called Royal Gorilla Auto with a similar 70 days. Figured they would be roughly the same…


Hey man! Thank you for your responses.

do you think so on the pod set up? Mines a peat pod so its not nearly as close with the coco pod. Might be on the drier side of things but feels slightly damp. I struggle with how a media should feel…

I did move the humidifier set up back from the grobo and use the fan to direct the moisture I can see towards the grobo as the fan in the unit isn’t very strong. But you mentioned start to see it drop… Don’t we want relative humidity? I thought the ideal growing set up is 78 degrees with a relative humidity between 60-70%?

Can I also get your fans that you use? The name of them so I can buy some? Also can I ask what is in the upper left hand corner of the unit in the picture of the plant with the fans?

Thanks in advance!

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No worries :wink:!..

Taken off a A.G post:

Didn’t realise you were using peat pods :flushed:!..Might pull trigger myself later on​:+1:
Top corner is my:
Blinks wifi Mini Cam:

I’ve replaced the bases weight with a exact Match Magnetic Disc (should av been included by manufacturer in my opinion :roll_eyes:!!) But that’s the only complaint :wink:

& the fans are widely used:

Happy shopping & good luck :wink:!

Only Just realised your already using the fans :flushed:!:roll_eyes:!:rofl:!


Thanks man! I need to get some fans inside the unit for sure :slight_smile:




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Hey dude we’ve chatted back and forth prior but I just wanna say tour auto looks just right for the Grobo. Autos grow a bit differently than some other photo periods and take some time to do their thing. The browning on the leaves is normal, those leaves will come off sooner or later as she gets bigger. I recommend to think in terms of foresight when you look at her. Where would you like to see tops? How many do you want her to have? Will you LST or does she need any leaf tucking/demolition to help her nodes grow?

I personally keep my Grobo in a closed room, if you look at my latest grow as soon as I moved the Grobo into that closet she exploded with growth. I’m not quite sure why, but the consistent humidity and warmer temperatures may be playing a factor


Yeah man, these are all things I need to consider. I feel like I am finally turning the corner with her. Today I changed the air pump with a much better and quieter one, so that’s dope! Two days ago I began my CO2 adding and feel it might be helping. And her roots are starting to whiten and look really quite good with roots starting to form near the top of the tap root!

At this point I don’t quite know what I’m looking for and could use help determining if I stay on course or if I move forward with extending things. Any help from anyone, input would be greatly appreciated! Below is my diary entry from this evening:

Ambient humidity 36%, 73.4° Inside humidity 41%, 73.1° Water temp 71.4° Old leaves looking brown and speckled still, but new leaves looking good! Added a yeast mixture for CO2 purposes. Also upgraded the air pump in the back, much quieter and more bubblage! Grobo was off for about 30 minutes while I worked on her. I think she started to go to sleep. Looking to get better nutrients as well like silica. Gotta find me some!



Are you using hydroguard or some other alternative? Your water temps are high.

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I am using hydroguard. I put in 5 ml on Sunday. Keep in mind the unit was off for 30 minutes with stagnant water. Water temp has been averaging 69 before this evening. What would you recommend though if the water temp gets too warm and stays too warm?


My first grow was done in Arizona summer with 70+ water temps and 7.5ml hydroguard was all I did.


Gotcha, I’m thinking also it may have gotten warm because of my A/C set up at the moment. Twas warm upstairs before I got in there.

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Cool cool. The only other thing I can think of is a ph health check. She’s droopy, and has been for reasons that can’t be explained. Your leaves should be raised and praying towards the light. Do you have ph calibration solutions?


I do not… Was hoping to hold off but ive been thinking about doing that. I will attempt to calibrate Sunday when I water change next. Did you have droopiness and solve it by calibrating the pH probe?