Getting close to the end

Hello, my grobo is 6 weeks into it’s 8 week flower cycle, and I have a few questions. I’ve been reading about looking at tricombs for cloudiness and whatnot, and I’ve read about flushing the plant just before the end of the flower cycle. Yet I still have a few Q’s.

  1. Will my grobo go into “flush” stage when the flower stage is done? Is there even such a stage?

  2. Can I initiate the “flush” stage if plant is ready? If so, how? Where? Under the “harvest” tab in maintenance?

  3. How big should buds be when deciding to flush and end “flower” stage?

  4. After “flush” for 2 weeks, do I hang plant to dry in grobo? If so, how long?

I can post pics later for a visual, but help with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Caleb882
After the end of your flower stage it will go into flush for 10 days I believe and will not dispense 3-5 bottles bit still 1-2 for pH.
You can initiate the flush if you feel she’s ready by going to the maintenance tab and hit shift schedule. From there you can go back, extend, or go forward.
Don’t go by the size of the buds, you want to focus on your pistols and trichomes, mainly the trichomes. You want them to be 70-80% cloudy and some amber. So if you see they’re all cloudy once getting to the end of your flower cycle let it go into flush and you can allow her to use her residual sugars to further ripen. You can flush for as long as you like, just by extending the same way as I said previously.
For drying there is a dry mode, but you have to end your grow and “start” a new one but select dry mode for the recipe. Again it varies for length of dry time depending on size of buds and environment, usually 3-5 days, but just keep checking.

Hope that helps somewhat :+1:




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