Germinating outside the grobo

I have tried twice to germinate inside the coco pod and I’m 0/2. What is the best method for germinating outside the grab and then how would i go about placing the germinated seed into the coco pod following that ?


Some people put in a glass of water for 24 he’s then wet paper towel, I’ve always just done mine inside wet paper towel, but keep the seed in a warm place. Like on top of your fridge, my bathroom with the door shut get crazy warm when the heat comes on so I did it in there and worked great. If it’s too cold she won’t come out quick enough, I found out when I didn’t have my heat on pre-winter. I like to see a good inch taproot before putting it in. Then I just used tweezers that were sanitized and placed it down in the pod gently making sure that the seed head was standing up. Maybe your coco pod was too wet, I’ve never seen one fall apart like that, or it was just a bad one. I’d put in a ticket,



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