Help ! Day 8 of germination

should I investigate??


Hi fellow grower your cocopod looks a little dry and sticking out just a little. You want the cocopod to be lined up with the lid not sticking out. Hope that makes sense. Good luck and Happy Growing!


Thank you so much


Good luck! If you don’t see anything in another two days it’s worth an investigation. In my findings, it is best to germinate the seed in a damp paper towel in a ziploc bag prior to placing it in the pod. This allows for a higher chance of the seed rooting and tapping. Time consuming? Yes! Worth it? In my opinion, definitely.



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  • Week 2 Notification

  • During this time you should see your seed sprout. If by the end of this week the seedling has not emerged, it’s time to [investigate] and possibly restart. When a seed is successfully planted, it will split in two as its sprout emerges from the husk. The tail grows downwards, plummeting deeper into the soil until it has enough leverage to sprout above ground as well. The husk that has the two halves of the seeds will emerge from the ground and absorb solar energy to produce chlorophyll. The rest of your plant’s growth continues from there.