Foun-dit 😉

Hi all :wink:

Big day today my Ventilation/Filter Mod has arrived from @KeefGreenLeef :wink:

Easy to install & Fits like a glove :ok_hand:!!

I decided on a Decent (Quiet Ha Ha :roll_eyes:!!) Remote Fan but i must report its a little noisy passed Speed 1 & I may have relocate as i have no idea how well she’ll perform especially on speed 1

Relocation or Not ill live with it :wink: & If this Modification performs anything like how it looks/fits i should have NO complaints :+1:

I’m on 9/10 germination so no report atm on filtration but all I can end with is IF You Can Accept The Price :money_mouth_face:!:money_mouth_face:!:rofl:! This Unit/Filter Modification is the Doggies Doodars :wink::+1::seedling::seedling:


So the fan is a part of the mod that you can change, is that what I’m reading? Because now that my own grobo has it’s own room upstairs with no other life going on in that room, you can hear it half way up the stairs, lol. I think a mod that adds noise would be a big no for me. Keep us posted!

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You can use any 4" Fan & Filter you want :wink:

Why are you saying your grobi is noisy :thinking:??

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My air pump is loud. I’ve had support check and they found it to be within parameters though. Although… at the time it was in my room which has more activity, you don’t walk in without the grobo in it and feel like you’re in a library of ykwim, lol. So I need to talk to whoever set theirs up with the two mini pumps and learn how to do that. (Procrastinating) At least I hear her running! At least I say “what?! and “huh?!” to my husband a lot less in bed with it moved! :rofl:

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What does ‘in parameters’ mean? Mine just started ‘loudening’ at the end of my grow - like it’s trying to become a Harley or something. I was about to open a ticket…


How do i add a link to a old post of mine :thinking:??

I’ve been through all that pump issue when I first got my unit :roll_eyes:! & have details :wink::+1:
Customer Service was excellent in sorting the problem but it was slightly involved…

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It means it’s running normally and doesn’t sound too loud to them- meets standards, yadda yadda. :wink:


If you have the step by step instructions on switching to the two mini pumps with the splitter, I would love it if you would send me the link to that post via message so it’s in a handy spot for me when I’m ready to do it. (have to buy the pumps, take grobo off stand, get hubby to help take apart when HE’S not busy, fun fun fun, you know, just all that so it’s not like I’m doing it today)

You go to the post with the instructions and click the link icon next to the three dots. Copy. Then paste it wherever you want to share the link. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Gmann!

No probs :blush:
Hears the pump :wink:



Yeah that! I need to know how to do that and how to detach the grobo pump. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I cannot add link to this system

Please send an email address :wink:

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Can someone please advise me on:

Although my RH will drop to around 40-45 when my Humidifier is off compared to around 60 when running

Can I turn my Humidifier off overnight & not run it 247 :thinking:??

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buy a Humidifier that you can set the RH % or buy a control that will turn it on or off at your set RH %


I do m8
Set Humidifier to 50 RH giving me around 60 max in grobi
If I want more I need to set to 55/60 giving me 67/70 @ unit but it never turns off but @ 50 she will self regulate :wink:
My question is will any harm be done turning my Humidifier off overnight knowing RH will drop to 40/45 :wink:??

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That Gelato OG is mostly Indica. Her genetics are used to lower humidity. Personally, I would keep it around 50. You shouldn’t have any issues.


Hi :wink:

Thanks for the direct reply
(I like :+1:)
Would that be the same for most indica :thinking:??

Going to 12 on 12 off & see what happens :thinking:!

Just think a break @ night might be better than 247 :thinking:?

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To answer your question will it hurt the plant the answer is no.

But if your looking for perfect climate you need to understand VPD. Rh and temp work hand in hand. Depending on your temperature is where your Rh should be at.

Example I was in flower in my last Grow I running temps close to 90 and needed to have my Rh around 60% for perfect climate for the plants

Here is a chart hope this helps


Thanks for the heads up :wink::+1:

Looks like I’m on track though :relaxed::flushed::rofl:

This drop what I expected 35-40 & for 8hrs Humidifier off
Should return to 55-60 with Humidifier on :wink:

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It really depends from strain to strain but as a rule, yes. You should always refer to what the breeder suggests. Here’s a pretty good read from Seedsman:

Here is a pretty good guide from Royal Queen (I’ve had success with this):

But again, it depends on the genes. When I’m growing a pure sativa, I’ll bump the humidity way up.