Foun-dit 😉

The example I was talking about was in my last tent grow but for the topic of VPD doesn’t really matter what your growing in…

My nute tank is outside of the tent so it stays around 70

My Grobo normally day Temp is around 78 to 80… In veg I like to be at 55% if I can get it there…

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Perfik :wink:!!!..

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Sounds like he or she is from Australia…my maybe short for mate

Hi :fist_right:

Quick update on my Filter Mod:

ALL is fine & not a whiff :nose:!:nose:! :+1:!

The noise is No More than an Tropical aquarium & I’ve only just increased her to speed 2 :wink:!

I needed a new uk Step-down Transformer so used grobos filter for a wile & found it letting smells through :nose:!:flushed:!:thinking:!

So it’s a definite :+1::+1::+1: from Me :wink: :seedling::seedling::seedling:

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