Florida grobo to a good home

I have a grobo that I’ve grown half a cycle of cherry tomatoes in it prove it works (I had family move in unexpectedly and I had to move the grobo to a room with no outlets). I would really like to use it for a more hardy crop but my wife has put a axed that plan. So I really don’t have much need for it anymore. I don’t really grow food since I work next to a farmers market so figured it would be better for someone who actually can grow the right stuff. I’m willing to drive it to you in the state of FL (minus the panhandle).
Not free but I’m accepting offers.


I either do not have the ability to send you a direct message or I just can’t figure out how to do it.


Click on wolfs name and then the message box on the name should pop up. Not sure if you tried that


grobo is still available. still have 1 full pack of nutrients and about 75% of a full pack. what are these worth these days?

Never used $2,000

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ok. used once. $1200. and free delivery within FL. Cant beat that with a hemp stick. see what I did there?


Just curious, what part of Florida are you in? Tampa Bay over here. Go Bucs.

Naples. Ironically in a hotel by your airport tonight though. I’m in Tampa on a weekly basis.

I’ll be in Tampa on Tuesday…

$700 or it is going to the local high school science lab. Anyone?

You near the Alabama line?

@Ksc83. Still available?

it is
two39 nine19 zero132

Naples FL is where I live…

Guessing it’s gone??

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Has this offer Expired?..


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