Flashing yellow light

Hey all,
I sent in a ticket but no reply yet so I thought I’d ask you guys and girls…

My grobo had a white light on so I unplugged it to try to reconnect it. But when I turned it back on it blinks a pink light three times then flashes a yellow light. It also won’t turn on the grow light and my door is remaining locked. I’ve tried unplugging it and holding the button but the light remains yellow. It also doesn’t sound like my air pump is bubbling and I’m still growing my plant. Now it’s been off for about an HR or two , any suggestions?

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Check this link out to see what the light color means.

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Thanks for the reply, I can’t find on there what flashing yellow would be. It’s yellow and not orange so hopefully Stephen can get back soon

It is probably orange, the red and yellow LED’s may not be both on.

Yeah it’s also not pulsing it’s flashing fast. So hopefully I can get this resolved. Luckily I’m in flush right now so i am pretty much done

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@Marcdoesbjj try holding down the control button on the back of the unit for 10 seconds then release. It should send your Grobo into WiFi setup mode. From there power cycle your unit again, hopefully when you repower it will reconnect to WiFi automatically. If it does connect and the lights still do not come back on, go into your app, select light schedule, then press the “save” button. This will turn them back on along with your air pump.


Holding down the button isn’t doing anything. I’ve tried unplugging it for minutes at a time and plugging it back in while holding the button…still just flashes yellow. And since I can’t connect to the wifi I can’t get the light back on

Copy that, in that case you should at least hook up an external air pump if you don’t have one already to keep the water in your reservoir oxygenated until you hear from Support. You could open the door to give her some light (during light hours), though it’s probably not a big deal as you’re in flush.

Haha I know I bought a back up pump but since the door is always locked it won’t unlock now. So it’s a fast flashing yellow light, no light to turn on AND the door is stuck locked lol. Idk what’s the deal here. Is there a way to manually unlock the grobo?


You can open the little door on the bottom of the rear in the unit, disconnect the air tube from the Grobo pump by pulling to the right, then hook up the line to your external pump.


There is a way to manually unlock but it involves opening the top of the unit. I would wait for support before doing so. The air pump is all that really matters at this point.

Still nothing new. Fast blinking yellow light that won’t change when button is held down. Hopefully I don’t have to send in my grobo…

Nothing from Grobo team?

I’m in a conversation with Danielle but she is awaiting response from someone else. I just find it weird that nobody else has had this issue. I’ve tried unplugging everything for minutes at a time and nothing. Unplugged my router… Nothing. I turn it on and it’s fushia for a few seconds then blinks yellow

Fushia indicates a firmware update is being performed. Is it possible that your Grobo lost power or internet connection during a firmware update? This recently happened to @Daniel_Lendon . Dan, how did you resolve your issue my man?

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My grobo was growing as usual then the light turned solid white. So I was like alright I’ll unplug it and reboot it and that was the last time it was running normal.

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Wonder if they were pushing a firmware update to your unit when you unplugged.

It was white for a while and since I didn’t see white in the light glossary I thought unplugging was the best idea at the time. Man I hope I didn’t mess it up

Can’t blame you, I probably would have done the same. Not saying that is definitely the case, just a guess at what could have happened based on the facts. How long was the light white before you unplugged? It didn’t change colors or flash at all, just solid white?

I just came down after a day of work and seen it so it could have been for hours or just that very minute. Hopefully tomorrow I can find out some more info