Flashing yellow light

Hope so too my man, keep us posted. :facepunch:


Sorry for not updating everyone sooner- it’s been a crazy busy week with work and have barely been home.

As always, Grobo staff was extremely helpful in trying to find a solution, but in the end we had no choice but to replace the PCB. This definitely seems like a one off, and hopefully my old board will help them create a tighter fail-safe.

Either way, my grow is still going strong, in spite of everything!


Well so far today I tried to put my grobo with Danielle’s assistance into safe mode by pressing the two inside buttons at the same time but nothing is changing. Still fushia then yellow lights… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll hear more info

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So I’ve been working with Bruno all day( he’s an awesome guy) and we tried everything with no luck so he’s sending me a new board tomorrow. Hopefully that will fix everything then I can get started on my next grow… pineapple express!


Sorry I’m late to the party! But now I
Going through the same thing with the white light and not connecting! Hulk smash!!!

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Mine started white then after I unplugged it , it came back on pink then yellow. It was resolved by sending me a new board which was easy to connect

Are you having any problems right now? Also did you have to start a new grow? Or were you able to safe your girl

I was a week into flush and the lights,fans, and pump weren’t working so I just cut it and started drying. But since I got my new board I started a pineapple express seed. But yea I came home today to a fast blinking blue light and seen the update about the server being down so I figured it was related to that. Oh the pleasures of a self automated grow system

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