First timer

Hey everyone. Just started our first grow in our Grobo last night. Quick question. Will I need to replace the nutrient bottles during my first grow, or do they last throughout the duration of the first grow?

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I would make sure you have an extra set. I’m 58 days into an auto and have about 20% of bottles 3,4,5. So you have at least 2 months worth give or take.

They should last the entire grow, but different grow recipes will consume different amounts of nut so it’s not a bad idea to have an extra set on hand. Or at least watch your levels closely during it’s cycle, if you get 3/4 of the way down and still have quite some time till completion, order some😎


Would love to be able to purchase larger bottles. Hopefully Grobo adds that option

Using the correct water cuts down on nutrients needed.
(RO or distilled). I would recommend @Jerame advice!





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