First time growth

Soo it almost done flushing. Should I still let it flush by increasing the time cause I still see clear trychromes well maybe not that much. I’m just nervous to end her


Looks ready! Go for it!

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Ok so this is the drying faze. Does it ever have light ?? It’s just like this. Also I notice it only for 5 days. Is that enough?? Should I extend it. How do I know when it done drying and ready to store in a mason jar. Sorry Todd for all the questions

She went from

To this


Good article to read on the hows and whys :slight_smile:

Short read.


P.S. it will roll over to day 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 automatically, just let it go till the branches snap. Sometimes it’s 10 days I won’t lie on bigger buds of mine it does take awhile if your humidity is right. Give the article a read.


Wow this only gave me 68 grams. That not even 3 ounces. I don’t understand. It a lot of weed but it has no weight to it
Like I expected way more from this machine
I would have to do 4 grows just to make up the difference if the cost of the machine. Why the hell was the grams so low.


That actually seems like a lot and will probably be less after curing. I think this is similar to home brewing…it’s not really cost effective when you factor in the time and materials but its a fun process and you might get a better product then you could buy yourself.

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I don’t smoke this is for trying to make money. Like wow this really sucks I cultivated it and it didn’t even get to 3 oz that would had been on its own supposed

Like wtf did I do wrong. I watch many videos and follow directions. And I get less then 3 ozs. Like wtf did I pay 2200 for a worthless machine. And I just bought another one like fuk

I’m so mad like it would take me 4 gross just to get the money back from paying the machine. I expected better results. And I see that after like the second to third grow the Grobo starts messing up form other people complaints. Why does something like this cost 2200 and only produce less then 3 ounces. Can I refund the other Grobo that I order that suppose to come tomorrow because I def don’t want it if it’s going to take me 3 years to produce little weed to replenish the amount of
Money I spent not to mention the nutrients and probes I have to buy later on when they mess up. Smh. I’m very disappointed

Ship them to me…I’ll buy them from you…


The Grobo?


Well the second one is being sent back to sender. But the one I had only one grow from it 5 months is still in great condition no scruffs and the probes where place back into the water container fill with tap as instructed by Grobo. How much are you willing to pay for the Grobo premium. And it will come with all nutrients unopen. And a bunch of metal racks and sheers with magnetic place holder so basically the accessories and also new carbon filter. Basically I bought a whole new cycle replacement but never got to use it because I didn’t like the results of the first grow as you can see

Also I live in nyc Brooklyn


How much do you want for it all?

Well seeing how with all the new replacement parts making it pretty much new. And all the extra stuff I purchase on top of all of it. Probably valuing 2300. I rather just sell it for 2000. But can be negotiable.

?? So was sip

It’s such a shame that you’re giving up so quickly.
Though I agree that the grobo is not the best machine when it comes to yield and ROI, there’s definitely a lot to learn here with DWC, stuff that you could apply later on when you move to a more serious setup.

What I would do is certainly try the same strain again and see how you could improve on, there’s certainly a few key takeway from this grow, mainly the triming you did that where probably a bit too heavy, making the growth patern uneven and unpredictable.
I know I messed up quite a few things on my first seed, but the second one ended up requiring half the number of day in late veg (22 instead of 43), stunted plant are anoying, and it looks like yours suffered the exact same issue here.

@FireGuy and @Todd.grobo know what they’re doing, and their advice should let you get a more healthy plant next time.
Also, you’re seed choice looks to be heavy on the sativa sides, going with a more hybrid/indica would probably be easier to manage in such a small space with less vigurous height gain during bloom Maybe something to try if you can’t find a buyer for your unit :+1:
Canabis plants are living thing, and they take time and patience to master, be in a 2k$ unit or a 400$ tent setup, perseverance is key

In any case, good luck on what you’ll do next, and thanks for sharing you experience here :herb: