First Thoughts

Thanks for the info Stephen! I am worried that my auto is growing too fast with approx 50 days left until harvest… When can I expect it to start flowering? Also you mentioned there are advanced techniques to help contain within the footprint… The only reason I chose an auto was I wanted to complete the grow before a planned trip to europe and anything other strain would have taken too long… Thanks again Kirk

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Autos can be finicky and the same strain can vary quite a bit. Most Auto’s need 50+ days in flower, in addition to the vegetative growth. I don’t recommend 1st time growers use an auto recipe. You can try topping, fimming and super cropping if you get too big.

Good luck!

My beautiful girl :seedling:


@Rich what day of grow are you on? Those are some great looking shots.


This is Day 106. No training techniques were used as this was my first true grow and I wanted to learn the plant.


Beauty rich she looks good. How’s the smell in the room where you have the grobo?

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Quite significant. It’s been a rough battle with the smell emitting from the unit and traveling throughout the home. Had to add third party odor absorbing items through room and home to help mitigate smell traveling.


@Rich which products are you using to help with the smell?

Also following for later in the grow. Worried about smell

Not sure which product Rich is using but ONA gel is proably the best doesn’t come cheap but works.

Available at other places too.


Great looking plant Rich! Have you added ona inside the Grobo? It may be more effective??
I wonder if this would be bad for the plant if it were inside the Grobo?


I did not place it inside the unit, however I would prefer to as that is the source.

I’m not sure if placing it inside would do any harm to the plant, if someone has any experience or knowledge I’d greatly appreciate it!



Hi @Rich and @kirk,

From what I’ve read on other forums and heard from our Horticulturist @Stephen you should not put the ONA in the same space as the plant (i.e. don’t put the ONA in the Grobo One). It apparently changes the taste of the bud when you consume it




Hi. Any idea why there are odor issues? Isn’t the Grobo an odorless unit? Thanks

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Quick question the fluid glass doesn’t turn completely see through when you hit the app button correct? It just changes the color to see it better or is my glass supposed to turn clear like the Mercedes Or Bentley Windows? Sorry if dumb question I just got my grobo Wednesday

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so half to finally have mine !!! First fill … lol at the pot but my puppy kept stealing the bucket haha


Hi chris. My glass has the lights inside change color which turns the glass translucent. It’s a red hue.


Ok that’s how mine is just didn’t know I’ve been looking for like a glossary of some sorts to explain all the things grobo does but it seems to not exist just yet!!! And @Todd.grobo thanks for always answering me bro i really appreciate it


My war head seeds I think have just germinated not sure I’m scared to pull the coco pod and Check … so what I did was Incase it doesnt pop since they are bag seeds from various strains I bought (because I ordered genetics way to late) I popped some trap stars seeds to replace that Incase the war head seeds does t germ…

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How did youndeal with your light leakage and has the light got in during lights off?

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