First Thoughts

@Rich wow… its looking really good Rich… Did you do any plant training: LST/Topping? Defoliation in the future?

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Thanks! I’ve been doing everything I can to learn and educate myself during this experience. It’s been a fun rewarding challenge! With this being my first grow I wanted to ensure the best possible route to a successful harvest.

As for trimming and LST, I have done none of that as I missed the window to safely take those steps. However, in my readings I’ve come to learn that a lot of growers won’t actually trim their plant but rather “bend” the fan leaves downwards and allow the weight of the bud sites to weigh down those fan leaves naturally! This will allow the energy that’s stored into those fan leaves help provide energy/food to the plant during the photosynthesis period.

I’ve allowed the plant to run it’s course naturally and I feel from where she was to where she’s at now, I’m very happy with my decision. This is all based off personal preferences, so please proceed with whatever training techniques you are comfortable with!

Good luck to you and enjoy your grow experience!


@Jamminbear That’s awesome to hear you received your Grobo! I know that @OGJ is aware that some doors are shifting in shipping. It shouldn’t really affect the smell but if you’re concerned about it you can email some photos to and our support team will be able to help you out!

Caught a sweet shot of the Grobo


@el_gordino, I’m going to try to trouble shoot your door issue. I see that you haven’t removed the shipping tape on the side of the door. Is the red tape still attached on the inside? That is covering the lock if it is and it won’t close correctly.
If the tape is removed from the door, our door seal is somewhat stiff and the lock won’t engage if the door is closed lightly. You will need to push on the top right corner until you hear a click of the lock engaging. Please try that and see if this resolves the issue.
To open the door, push and hold the user button for 2 seconds, when the light in the Grobo changes, push on top right of the door to release the lock and it’ll open.
I’ll be creating a short video of this process to help with any further question

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Hi there. I just tried doing what you mentioned and didn’t have any luck. Here’s some more pictures. I do believe I removed that red tape. The light certainly escapes on the left side of the door as well. There is a dent on the left side of the unit from shipping as well. Is it possible that the reason the plant is so small is that heat is escaping as well?

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Can you take a look at the tab on the door, It might have suffered some damage and was bent during shipping. If so please bend it up so it’s perpendicular to the door, and we’ll see if this helps

If you’re referring to the handle/tab on the upper right hand corner, yes it is bent.

Just to confirm, I’m talking about this tab here. It’s on the inside of the door beside the window.
If it’s bent down, it can be bent back up so it will latch with the lock but not hit the top. This is what it should look like on the inside when the tab engages the lock.

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Thanks for the tip, that did the trick and now it will lock. I’m still unable to drain it fully, and my plant is extremely small for day 38.


Hi el_gordino,

I agree that your plant isn’t where it should be at this time. With the unit not draining/filling correctly, the nutrient dosing isn’t happening correctly. This will negatively impact your grow. I know the support team has received your ticket and is actively working it through. They may have additional questions for you, or ask you to test to see if a solution is working.

For reference, we have 3 water level sensors in the tank. The unit is looking for all 3 to drop consecutively as the water drains out. We have found that roots may interfere with this procedure and have produced a root shield. We have also found that the drain tube can shift in shipping and needs to be pushed back down to the bottom of the tank to enable it to drain. Once the bottom water level sensor has dropped, we run the pump for an additional 40 seconds to remove additional nutrient solution. Upon fill, the system is again looking for 3 consecutive water level sensors to activate. If one or more don’t rise or fall as expected, the system won’t dose nutrients into the reservoir. (This is a deliberate design) I expect your water level sensors are not acting correctly, the plant looks like it’s not being fed properly.

Once we’ve diagnosed and solved your specific drain/fill issue, i’d recommend starting a new seed. Sorry mate.


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Day: 74



Day: 82


Hi @Rich! I’m sure it’s posted somewhere what strain are you growing? How many days until harvest for your current grow? Thanks for the progess updates!


Hey Glenn,

This is Chemdawg and we have 36 +/- till harvest. With this being my first grow I’m working to ensure we have a successful harvest so I’m gonna really watch the plant and let her tell me when she’s ready.



I thought I got this picture up, but it clearly never made it!


Looking good @Rich


I can see the love in the picture @Rich. There was a pic posted on Grobo on FB or Twitter I think which is in serious need of a haircut. It was still in veg but it was bursting the seams of the Grobo, lol.

Be ready to support the buds when they get heavy. :+1:


First thoughts are still great that I bought a terrific well designed product. especially against flimsy competitor designs.

I see it’s been discussed about root protector covers. Will wait on that I suspect.

I do notice fan rpm levels have jumped to very noisy levels but not consistently.

Lastly I noticed my grobe goes to sleep aka lights out around 9pm but is lights up at 3am. ???

Looking forward to being able to customize lighting timing on the app /website in the future

Great work guys. Already planning for my 2nd