First Loliipoping

Well I hope I haven’t been too hard :thinking:??..

But my pop is Really Dry to the touch :thinking:?? But is well wet underneath which I spose is the most important thing :wink:!

Although I do have two fans going that might be drying the pods top so might hang one up :wink:

I would appreciate some feedback on this pic :thinking:??

It earlier looks like root or its perfectly healthy & im just seeing the first dark growth


@Gmann - I’m glad you posted these pics with the community here! It looks like the plant was doing well but started to suffer from damping off. The thinned and brown area at the base of the stem is under attack and needs some help!

Start by pushing up your cocopod about 1-2 inches. Gently push the pod from up from underneath. Second, aim a fan onto the cocopod so it helps with drying it out.

Third, you will want to support the main stem just in case it starts to topple over. Use a green tie down or other similar material to secure the main stalk.

I also had a plant suffer from damping off but it has pulled thru it! Yours can too!


Nooooo :sob:!!!


Pod lifted
Keep both fan trained on pod
Wired plant for support

Hears Hoping :roll_eyes:!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:!


Thats dampening off, not root rot im surprised your plant is still going. Based on its age id start over.


Seriously :worried:!:sob:!

Gonna try & wiv previous advice & just see m8 :roll_eyes:!!

So what causes Dampening off" over wet pod :thinking:??


I agree with @Todd.grobo start over first loss is your best

Coco pod was too wet… A small fan at the bottom could help…

Life cycle and appearance of Damping-off

Pythium belongs to the Oomycetes, a separate group of microorganisms and is therefore not a real fungus. It survives as oospores, resting spores which are resistant to unfavourable conditions, especially dehydration. Germination of the oospores is stimulated by exudates from roots of a susceptible host nearby. The oospores germinate and form so-called sporangia from which subsequently zoospores are produced. Zoospores are spores with flagellae, which enable the spores to move through water. The zoospores are chemically drawn to the growing roots of young plants and move towards them through the soil water. They infect the roots through small wounds, where the side roots are formed or through other similarly damaged spots.

On the infected plant, new sporangia with zoospores are formed, that allow the disease to spread to neighbouring plants.

The zoospores disperse via water. Therefore, this disease spreads most rapidly in wet conditions with a high water content ( > 70%) of the soil or substrate.

Oospores are dispersed when soil particles are moved around by humans or machinery. Pythium can survive very well in the soil or substrate in the absence of plants. Many species are entirely saprophytic, so these do not harm plants.

Damage symptoms

Pythium affects roots, in particular those of seedlings. Infected plants lag in growth. Seedlings start falling over, also called ‘damping-off’, hence the name damping-off disease. In slightly older plants, the leaves lose their turgor or the leaf tips turn yellow, for example in flower bulbs. At first, the plants recover during the night, but later the plants wilt irreversibly. In potted plants the flower buds fall off. The side roots rot and very little of the root system survives. On the border between air and soil or substrate the plant turns brown. A typical symptom of a Pythium infection is the easy stripping of the skin from the root cortex with a finger nail.

How to prevent Damping-off

  • Use resistant cultivars or graft on tolerant cultivars

  • Use clean planting material

  • Ensure regular growth

  • Avoid over-watering

  • Do not provide excess nitrogen since this promotes the disease.

  • In greenhouses:

    • Prevent high temperatures immediately after planting. Avoid cold and excessive warm irrigation water. Keep the water content of the substrate below 70% and ensure good drainage
    • Disinfect recirculating nutrient solutions.
    • Increase the distance to the main substrate at the start by using higher substrate blocks for the seedlings.

Prevent plant diseases by optimizing plant potential and crop resilience.


Second loss m8 :roll_eyes:!
First ever seed was a dud :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:exploding_head:!..

Oh well hear I go again :roll_eyes:! Just wish I fully understood what I did or didn’t do :thinking:???

Walk away Just Walk Away!..for now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!!..


I don’t think you did anything wrong per say… Next time just make sure your Coco pod is somewhat dry now not crazy dry just not dripping wet and you should be fine…

I lost 1 of my plants from dampoff in my Grobo as well. It happens from time to time…


I understand the cause now :+1: Pod was too low & too wet & need to take closer look on where the pod is in relation to the surface I guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:??

Seems like slightly drier pod is definitely better than a soaked pod :flushed:!!

Not sure which recipe i should be going for with my nxt seed/grow though :thinking:??..


From everything i’ve seen, the pod only needs to be moist to germinate the seed, and then until the root comes through the bottom of the pod. after that…seems to me it could be dry as hell. any grow in hydroton and dwc is proof of that. the moment the roots have access to the water, the medium doesn’t need to be wet at all.


Makes sense :+1::+1:

Inexperience & the fact I aint got a Scooby :roll_eyes:!:flushed:!:rofl:!

Didnt have :wink:!.

Just like to say thanks for All the feedback I’ve received btw ok :ok_hand: :wink:

Well roots look Awesome :ok_hand: but close-up shows the damage dampoff had done :roll_eyes:!:neutral_face:!

R.I P kid :worried:!!


@Gmann Hey bud not sure if you still have your plant but you can make a cast for you stem using a Straw cut down the center long ways, just wrap it around the weakend stem and tuck it into the pod. Please also support the top half with some green ties or fishing line, and get the fans blowing on the coco pod ASAP. Hope it helps I had the same issue of damping off on both my units I lost one but was able to recover the other, good luck.


ah shoot RIP, no worries just another learning experience. Good luck on your next adventure :seedling: :v:


Decided to start again m8 & looks like I’ve done right :roll_eyes::wink:

She was a sick :baby:!!

Only just finished when u came through but I’d decided by then anyway :wink::rofl:


All good part of the game, Good Luck with your next grow - I’ll be watching along to see how she goes :grin: :v:


That sucks @Gmann. This is the same issue I had with my grow, but mine recovered. I think the design of these new pods is too long at the bottom. I had to use toothpicks to get mine up high enough to recover and keep from dampening more. As the pod dries out it gets bigger, so you have to either brace it or just keep pushing it up till its dry. Good luck with the next grow!!


Sorry @Gmann, dampening off is one of the most common issues in a DWC system. Its better for it to happen now while your plant is young than to happen much later down the line, resulting in more loss in time and effort.

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True :neutral_face:!

Gonna make sure pod is @ least 1" above tray line after Germination & Tap Root touchdown that’s for sure :roll_eyes:!:+1:! Lol…