First Loliipoping

Could you possibly direct to to the best recipe for my nxt seed/grow as I can’t find it in the archive Or even a Generic :thinking:??


Mind you non of my seedmans are directly listed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!..

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Gelat.OG is a indica dominant hybrid strain. But looking at the photos, the leaves look like fat hybrid leaves. The seed looks like a photoperiod unless you purchased an Auto and its not labeled on your seed pack:

You will want to use the Generic recipe, I am unsure if the Indica or Hybrid recipe is better (I really don’t think it makes a difference since its the same growth time on the generic recipe). I would probably pick the hybrid recipe, its a generic fixed dosing schedule anyways. you will need to manually skip and extend the growth cycle when the time comes. You can always reach out to us here on AG and we’ll help you along the way


Perfect thanks :blush::wink:

& I would have gone with the obvious Indica Feminized :roll_eyes::flushed::rofl::+1:

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This was the seed - Feminized

And this is my nxt also Feminized


Good luck!!