First grow- why are these leaves brown? :(

Hey guys, this is my first grow and I’m on day 11 of early veg, using an Auto Bomb seed. I read online about browning on leaves before and saw someone recommended neem oil, I haven’t seen any bugs or anything though and I change the water whenever I get the notification. Any ideas? Thank you in advance



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Thank you! I ordered the PH solutions so just waiting for them to arrive. My coco pod is still damp to touch so I moved it up a bit? Hop that helps. She look okay though? Salvageable? Should I be clipping any leaves?

Here are pic of before I moved the coco pod up and after


Is that normal for my stem to look like that? Do I need fans? :tired_face::tired_face: I wish I went to school for botany!


You are PERFECT! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Plant looks great! Vigorous growth. I added a fan to my unit, but I don’t aim it directly on the plant. During early veg I place it up top in the grobo with magnetic hooks. As it grows taller, pluck the lower growth on the stems as these leaves will turn into poor buds and simply uses up energy. This is lollipopping, but I do it mainly to make room for the fan as to keep
From chopping any leaves with fan blades. The fans built in to the grobo are good, but with late veg approaching you want your plant to dance a bit in the wind. circulation. Hope this helps!


Your stem base looks brown. That might be an issue. Open a ticket with Grobo Support and have them take a look.


Just finished clipping the bottom leaves that were browning, hoping that helps! We get bigger everyday but now she just looks sad. Sad as in kinda droopy, not as perky as I’d like! Thoughts?

Day 3 of transition


She is a little on the short side to be in transition already! Recipes are used as a guideline. You can always extend stages if u feel it needs more time.Auto or photoperiod? I only have experience with photoperiods. If it is an auto maybe @vegetato could give u a few pointers.


I’m thinking if the plant can’t get nutrients from the water it’ll use stored nutrients and sap some from the leaves.

It’ll do that if the nutrients aren’t available in the water or if it’s sick (root rot or destruction or other infection) and is unable to get what it needs that way.

Removing the leaves too soon (before addressing the problem,) will just make it start taking from the next set up! I wouldn’t advise to remove them until the issue stops occurring.

Two things you can do:

  1. if the nutrients arent’ available in the water

    • Try doing a water change early, drain/fill with new water. Also mark your 3,4,5 bottles before/after with a marker so you can be sure how much is dispensing. It will dispense some about 15 mins after you fill, within an hour after a successful drain+fill.
  2. if it’s sick

    • Get a look at the roots, sneak a peek to see if they’re white or if there’s any bad signs (foul smell, brown slime, etc). If you can crack the res about an inch and get a photo or two with the flash on that helps to zoom in after and really get a look at them. That way the exposure to light is minimized, roots prefer darkness.

You’re right to question why she’s not perky. Have you looked at the root zone at all yet?


Thanks for all of that, I’ll snap a pic as soon as I get home. Do you think I’m too early to be in transition?

You should remain in Late veg stage till it gets taller. Support (and community here) suggest waiting to transition till it has reached the upper fan.
I have extended mine 5 weeks now.

Sorry disregard, I did not know it was an auto.


It doesn’t matter as much for autos, you can hold it back until you see hairs (pistils) appearing; that’d be an easy indicator.


Don’t really know what I’m looking for but here are my roots


Roots look a little on brown side. Does they reservoir smell? Are the roots slimy to touch? Also do u know what your water temps are? Are u putting any additives other than Grobo nutrients?


I learned from @Todd.grobo that having one single strand of root coming from the center could be an indication of an issue. I spoke with Grobo support about it and they suggested that I raise my water fill level to allow more fibrous roots to grow. I recommend opening a ticket and asking them for advice.


Pragmatic advice as usual :fist_left:

Did you open a ticket OP?


Yeah they said everything looks good on there and, sensors and all. My roots look fine, but to keep an eye out if they get slimy or an odor starts to occur. I learned that the big root in the middle is my Tap Root and that hoe It should look.

They suggest using photoperiod seeds over Auto because it gives you more control… I chose an auto to start because I thought it would be easier. They also said that going back to late veg wouldn’t do much… I was day 3 of transition when I reverted back. All this makes me kind of want to start over and grow the Girl Scout Cookies extreme seeds that I have, I just need positive results :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Should I just let her do her thing?


This pic in general doesn’t look “good”, but I’ve seen and recovered from worse:

These two pics outline one clue I’m seeing that tells me it’s not just “nutrient stain” on the roots:

If you notice in the above pics, the roots seem healthy until they hit the water. I’ve indicated this area with a green line. The yellow arrow indicates where the “problem” starts to be visible (which is probably at the water line) and the red line shows the problem section.

It looks like the roots are shriveling up and struggling to grow in the water, and the amount of “brown stuff” on them is more than should be there at this point if it is just nutrient stain. The shriveling up is a sign they are being suffocated which means a pathogen is in play.

This upper section of the main strand of roots (between the blue lines) is also darker than it should be. Again, if it were nutrient stain we would expect most if not all of the discoloration to be below the water line! That’s a sure sign something is amiss:

This last clue is now my go-to for determining if the water is getting too warm or not (in lieu of a water thermometer in the pics):

When there is condensation built up inside the sensor shield that means the water is evaporating and collecting in that area. I believe seeing that evaporation is a clue that the water is too warm. I would recommend that you pick up an aquarium temperature monitor asap to monitor that temperature if you’re not already! They’re sold in the grobo store as well as on amazon.


I should’ve added – you will probably want to pick up some hydroguard regardless of whether or not you continue with the grow.

My best recommendation would be to try to save this grow. Do what you can to get everything just right (as much as you can) and get this one back on track. It might not yield a whole lot, but what’s more important is that you don’t just continue the last one where this left off – deal with the issues then give the next one a better start.