First grow totals

So here is my bounty! 2 white widows that are for some reason full of seeds. I think my plant might of gone full Bruce Jenner. Well it might of became a hermie I should say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just a confused plant. Maybe it just produced useless seeds.
Any who I got smoke for awhile and I’m happy.


Nice haul. Can you confirm if it was a male or female plant. Do you have any photos in flowering stage

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Hey @Steve,

Nice haul there! I’m guessing your seed was from a hermaphrodite plant, they basically pass along those traits and you will find seeds in most successive generations. Good seeds from a good breeder are key. I don’t recommend using those seeds again unless you love the bud and can’t find it anywhere.



I ended up getting the ww seed as a freebie from true north seed bank. It was feminized but I went to MSNL and they lost my first seeds so the new seeds should be here today. I went with wedding cake and g13 haze. Do you recommend a seed bank? ILGM looks good and I was going to try them next! But I think I’m going to try the wedding cake next and see how she goes.

It was feminized. Got it as a freebie from true north seed bank.

Hmmm, strange. You grew them out in a tent or in Grobo units?

This one I grew in a tent along side my grobo unit.

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My scale is odd as well? I can set it to grams and zero the scale out just with bowl and fill her up and said 26 g and I knew that wasn’t right so I set to the display to what you see and I thought that was high? What do you think this looks like?

The one in my tent I grew in dirt is the same as the plant in the grobo so I’m curious how that will turn out. That’s a hybrid blueberry

I also got the guard you sent me and it works great! Thanks again for that, it makes easy for me now.


If your asking my opinion I don’t think what is shown in those jars is 1/2lb. :man_shrugging: I typically get 36g (bigger buds takes more space) to 46g (more product in jar since buds smaller) per mason jar that size.

I’d say you’re in the 5oz to 6oz range. I’ve got that brand of a kitchen scale they are fairly accurate but I prefer my digital jewelry scale.
Double check that your “tare” the scale correctly.


I was thinking the same thing about 5 oz. maybe little more. have to look at it again. I have other scales but I’m just lost how I can’t figure out this scale. (And I used to build computers).