First Grow: Skywalker OG Kush

No looks good…
She is alive!!!

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  • ((#ItIsAlive)): :innocent: (Congratulations): (:handshake:)

  • ((#IWillWatchYouGrow)): :herb::seedling: (:eyes:)



  • (Focus on the new growth): (To help with the [coco-pod] dampness maybe drop your extra fan down a little in your unit): (You can push the [coco-pod up just a little]):

- - -

  • (She can recover from this): (You could put the water level down to the 2nd water sensor [If it isn’t there already]): :green_thumb:


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Good work buddy! Your pod is looking very wet (over saturated), this can cause problems in the near future. Does it feel wet to the touch? Can you peek under the lid and let me know if the bottom of the pod is physically touching the water? The top of your pod should only be slightly moist to the touch and the bottom of the pod should be hovering slightly above the water (not touching). Also have you by chance been spraying or pouring water onto your plant/pod from above? If so, you’ll want to stop doing so as well.

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I was a little concerned about it… not touching water, but looks a little too moist. Like the bottom of the pod will drip water when I first lift it up. I’ll take new pics when I get home!

My guess is my water level is probably too high then.

Under different lighting without flash. Looks much less wet here lol


Does look a lot more dry in that pic :+1: should be fine. Maybe put a mini fan in your unit if you haven’t already done so to help stir the air.

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Oh good call! I think I have some old PC fans that should be easy to attach and have thin wires.

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For now point them away from the plant and let them move air, in a few weeks you will want to start a light breeze blowing directly at the plant which you will want to keep going throughout the entire grow. I use on small mini fan hung with magnetic hooks above the canopy and 2 small adjustable fans below the plant. They like a nice breeze!

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Still a bit concerned about moisture… gonna get a fan today. Leaves don’t look as turgid as I would have expected them to be. Could be me haha.


Maybe? Great word…turgid…:sunglasses:


Lol, the only time I used it was in science classes describing level of hydration/rigidity of plant cells lol. But it’s also fun to use in general haha.


Feeling great about it today!


It’s a turgid day!!!

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Did d I use that right???

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Water change today! Added one small fan, gonna add another one once she gets stronger.


Exciting times my man! She will be exploding with growth soon. Looking strong :muscle:

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Awesome thank you! You grew this same strain and breeder correct?

No I have not. I’m on my first grow as well, started it off with GDP.

Is the fan power cord running out to the front of the Grobo? Does the front door close all the way with the cord being there?