Coco pod touching water [RESOLVED]


Is coco pod supposed to be touching water in reservoir during germination stage?

Preface: my coco pod is properly placed flush with the reservoir cover, I have no sticker in the cocopod hole.

My Grobo prompted me to ad water but when I took a peak “under the hood” I noticed that the coco pod was clearly submerged in water (by about a half inch). Is this proper, for some reason it was my understanding that the pod should be slightly above the water, and just the “spray” from the aerator bubbles should be hydrating the pod? Will this create an issue, and if so, what is the best method to resolve it?



bubbles are meant for the roots. If your pod is flush with the surface youll be good. No worries.

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You can probably ignore topping notifications for the first week, and maybe the second. The notifications are pre-scheduled based on your drain & fill day, not a real time response to water level.

The method you described of the bubbles popping at the surface and spritzing the roots is a different method of hydroponics than the one we’re using, called Aeroponics. The Grobo is a Deep Water Culture system.

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Thanks @Hellyesshedid

I’m aware of the timed notifications just figured I’d have a look when it popped up. Swear I read or heard something on the Grobo support page that said the coco pod should be suspended above the water :rofl:, May have just been medicated af. Appreciate the info as always :pray:


Keeping the pod above the water in the germination phase might be correct, but it would be to prevent the seedling from “drowning” and to encourage the growing roots to stretch and seek out the water, not because of the spritz action lol.

:thinking: What to do? The very bottom half-inch or so of my pod is definitely submerged. :man_shrugging:t2:

I think 1/4 - 1/2" might be fine so long as the pod wasn’t too saturated when you planted it. Someone on here might know better than me though. How does it feel to the touch? It should feel moist, but not soaked.

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At the top it just feels slightly moist.

That’s perfect!

I feel as though I should mention it was pretty difficult to get the pod fully seated in the hole/even with the reservoir lid. Is this typical? I did take very special care to only press around the edges to avoid over packing the seed.

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Since the coco pod expands when you soak it, you might’ve taken a hair too long to put it into the lid. I personally plant the seed after the pod is already in the lid.

I believe I did, and don’t know why I didn’t think of inserting the pod first, great advice! All of this said, when I opened the Grobo this morning I saw the first signs of life! Hoping she’ll be fully emerging from the pod today!


Congrats! Lol


image Stephen (Grobo Team - Horticulturalist)

Your seed is tucked into it’s dampened coco pod and should be dangling above the water, allowing the airstone to send it’s bubbles to the surface, keeping the coco pod at the perfect moisture/oxygen mix to allow your seed to pop.

(You are allowed to lift your [coco-pod] up above the lid to suit the need for your little one): (You are right on the $ :moneybag:):





Thanks! Sent in a ticket and Stephen got me squared away promptly! My reservoir lid was on incorrectly :joy::man_facepalming:t2:

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