First grow: Seedsman Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1

Day 28 (late vegetation 4/14)

My girl looks happy and green. No thinning at the stem and roots like Santa’s hair. Starting to stink slightly too. I might have a challenge on my hands come February… Apoarantly it is an exceptionally stinky strain.

Planning to cut her fan-leaves this weekend, cg yellow highlight. I have done some research and seems to be appropriate at this point, but please let me know if I am about to mess up!

Thank you and have a nice weekend!!


day 36, late veg 12/14

10 ml Hydroguard now in mix.

I cut off a few fan leaves every now and then to provide better air flow.

I have also cut off a pair of lower branches (my assessment was that they would not be able to get much light.


Looks like good light coverage, and good job with the Hydroguard… always good to have imo just in case unless you own a water chiller… but even still would feel better using it if I had it on hand.

Not sure if I would have cut any main branches off this early on since they are the stronger main branches of the plant and can often get pretty sturdy and stretch up with the rest… however, too late now unfortunately :slight_smile: Either way, she’s gonna be okay.


Thanks @pyromancy🙂 Following your Blue Dream CBD thread closely. Learning a ton!


Hello growers,

Hope everone is enjoying the holidays!

My girl is getting bushy. She just started transition. I am wondering wheter to lollipop and defoliate right away (no more than 30 % in one trim of course)

, or if I should let her be until end of transition (so to not stunt growth). I have found conflicting advice online…

What do you think is the best approach to ensure top quality bud?




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Fresh cut😊 Hopefully did not get too gready!


Guick question to the group: Grobo has notified me that my plant is thirsty (last refill was Friday). I am currently distilling at full capacity. Will fill her up in a little while. My question is whether I should add Hydroguard as well (in addition to when doing the weekly re-fill). I would think so, but I just want to avoid an OD. Thanks!


Sometimes those thirsty notifications don’t line up with when you really do need a top off, and sometimes they do. Sometimes I won’t get one for a long time and sometimes I’ll get them close together and my res will be full. That’s one notification that I really just think is a reminder that goes off randomly to remind you hey, don’t forget to top off every now and then. :wink: That’s my take on it based on the way they come to me anyway.

And if she’s drunk a lot, I say why not? If you need to add a couple liters or a gallon, throw in a few more ml of hydroguard too. If you just need to add a cup of water, I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s just my opinion though. :wink:


Thanks @Angiebaby. Good to know that the alert is not tied to actual water levels. I added Hydroguard to be on the safe side.


They don’t seem to be in my experience! Glad to help. :smiley:


Day 43 (transition 4/14)

I added a net to keep things in order. The net has nine opening. For the sake of yield, it would probably be better to opt for eight colas (as opposed to the current six). Will aim for that in the next grow!

I also tracked disbursement of nutes for this fill. Hardly any 1 & 2, a fair share of 3 & 4 and a little squirt of 5.

Did a trim earlier this week. My plan is to now let her be until end of transition, so to not stunt growth, and then at the end of the growth period snip light-blocking fans and re-do the lolly.

To my untrained eyes, she seems happy😊


I believe I found the first pistils when filling up with water today🥳


day 51 transition 13/14

defoliation & lollipopping



Excited to see those buds develop!


Day 57 (flower 5/49)

Things are moving fast! I realize I have to trim down the bush again… Any special things to consider for in-flower defoliation?



Looks like you do pretty good defoliating so I’m sure you got this! :eyes::seedling:


Fascinating to see the change from day to day. My perspective on plants have changed😊

My strategy is major trim in two weeks time (three weeks into flower), and beyond that remove fan leaves for light exposure and air flow at every water change. After today’s (light) defoliation below:


I was not planning to trim until another ten days or so. However, she is still growing pretty fast. I figure the best approach is to at least give room for the buds. Please let me know if I am missing something!

Bonus question: Do you think I should remove the little guy in the bottom left corner, so to give more juice to the top-buds?

Before and after pics below.


day 62 flower 12/49


day 71 flower 19/49