First grow: Seedsman Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1

Hello fellow growers!

Just planted my little lady. Excited to see to observe her growth. I have no experience whatsoever, and I am sure I will learn a ton. On that note, I have a few questions that the community might be able to help out with:

  1. I have my grobo in a fairly small apartment. It is in a separate «technical» room. Therein is a balanced ventilation system for the apartment, but which also provides ventilation to the room itself. The room also contains the water and power control for the apartment. This generates some heat. The temperature is fairly constant at 24 degrees celsius. A separate humidifier ensures pretty optimal humidity. My question is wheter an air condition is required, or if root-rot expisure can be mitigated by way of Hydroguard etc.? If I can avoid getting an ac, I will (it creates some challenges with getting the warm air out). On the other hand, if there is a reasonably high risk of failure with the current set up (due to high temp), it is of course a no brainer. The strain is mostly indica if it makes a difference.

  2. I am also wondering if I am taking a big risk with using tap water. First filling is distilled, but I am unsure to what extent I need to going forward? Distilled water is actually quite expensive where I live (about 10 usd for 2 liters). On the other hand, our tap water is high quality.

Any thoughts on the above is greatly appreciated!

will post more pics when she pops😊


Hey, welcome to the Grobo world!

It depends on the temperatures you’re seeing as far as whether or not you will need an air conditioner to be honest! If you’re hitting the mid to high 80’s Farenheit, you might want to consider lowering the temps in there! If this is the case, your water reservoir will also more than likely 100% be over 72F, which would mean a water chiller or Hydroguard would be a MUST! I personally would recommend getting Hydroguard ASAP and using it anyway just to be safe, especially if you’re going to use tap
water. It’s nice to have some peace of mind for sure!

Which brings me to your second question… That sucks that distilled water is so expensive where you live! $10 USD for 2 liters is not cost effective at all! I can get 3.78 L ( 1 gallon ) for $0.75 USD!

However, have you considered a purchase like a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system? You can spend $150-$200 USD (maybe less, or even more I’m sure) and you will have the ability to get your own Reverse Osmosis water. Tap water can be risky, it all depends on how good your tap water is… It’s not recommended though as you might experience some problems with your grow! All depends! If you take the cost of the distilled over time, the investment for one of these filters might be worth it for you! I would definitely consider it if I was you!

Here’s some from Amazon…

Also, if you’re in an apartment building, the Grobo itself will not contain the smell of a flowering plant, so if it’s in a ventilation area that might be shared with other apartments, keep that into consideration too!

EDIT: Keep in mind about the tap water, I know it’s probably not a cheap option either way, but think about it… you want the best for your plant, and want the best grow possible… skimping on her drinking water is one variable that you most definitely could control! If it doesn’t end up turning out as good as you’d like, and you use tap water, you will forever be lost in your mind about whether or not that was a big determining factor all along!



Tap water varies per water source of course, and congratulations to you for being in a spot with good water! 5 miles from me my parents’ water is excellent and drinkable with no funny tastes and at my house it tastes awful and you can’t make coffee with it without literally seeing mineral deposits (I can only assume) and other impurities immediately create little floaties in each cup! You might know/inquire if your building has a softener or filtration system installed, or be able to do more research into your waters source. I would tell you that you could get a ppm meter to actually test it yourself, but I don’t have that either. However, it may be something you’ll want sooner or later.

Either way, if that’s what you have access to, your plant will drink it! Bottles 1 and 2 will adjust the pH accordingly to your plants liking. You might try and see just how much gets dispenses from bottles one and two if you do a fill with tap water. Plants prefer R/O or distilled- they’re the cleanest, but they’ll take purified if you have that or tap if you have that. HTH!

Also, remember to check places whenever you’re out. I get the cheapest distilled water at target personally at .88¢/ gallon and the best results with the distilled from the baby aisle at Walgreens at I think right@ $1/gallon.

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Thanks for the input. Greatly appreciated. I agree with you. Did not buy a grobo so I could save a few nickles on tapwater!! Distilled it is. The more sensible option I believe is to buy a kitchen distiller. They do not cost much.

After day one, I have come to the realization that the room is probably too hot. 28 celsius in the grow chamber (82F). I see three options:

  1. Get a decent ac
  2. Get a water chiller
  3. Rely on hydroguard

I am leaning towards an ac (with hydro as a back-up). That should ensure the proper room temp for the plant, which in turn should sort out the water thank. Room is hot now, but will be steaming in the summer, so long term, there might not be any other way.

If you see that I am missing something, please let me know!


I’m working on options for changing the existing fan and led heat sink out for a peltier style cooler, possibly water cooled. My opinion, the fan to cool the led is undersized. My heat sink is on fire even with the top off and a secondary fan blowing directly on it. Water chiller voids your warranty so I’d stay away from that if possible.


She rose from the dirt on day four!



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Day 15 (early veg 5/14)

temp 25 c / 77 f in grow chamber, humidity 55 %.

My girl, Greta, is looking well and healthy to my eyes. Pod seemed a little wet, so i pushed it up slightly.

Distiller in house, so water is no longer an issue.

I have not been able to get my hands on Hydroguard, but have sourced locally some Canna products (cannazym & rhizotonic). Well aware that it is not the same thing, but apparantly good for the roots.

If anyone sees something that needs to be done, please let me know!

Per my understanding, the next step in a little while is to cut her top off.


She’s looking healthy. Keep doin what you’re doin for now :+1:t2:


day 23 (early vegetation 13/14)

temp 25 c / 77 f in grow chamber, humidity 50%.

Greta seems to be doing well. I am thinking this is a good time to chop her head off. @fellow growers, do you agree?



Snipped it!


Good job! Your plant is looking good!

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Day 28 (late vegetation 4/14)

My girl looks happy and green. No thinning at the stem and roots like Santa’s hair. Starting to stink slightly too. I might have a challenge on my hands come February… Apoarantly it is an exceptionally stinky strain.

Planning to cut her fan-leaves this weekend, cg yellow highlight. I have done some research and seems to be appropriate at this point, but please let me know if I am about to mess up!

Thank you and have a nice weekend!!


day 36, late veg 12/14

10 ml Hydroguard now in mix.

I cut off a few fan leaves every now and then to provide better air flow.

I have also cut off a pair of lower branches (my assessment was that they would not be able to get much light.


Looks like good light coverage, and good job with the Hydroguard… always good to have imo just in case unless you own a water chiller… but even still would feel better using it if I had it on hand.

Not sure if I would have cut any main branches off this early on since they are the stronger main branches of the plant and can often get pretty sturdy and stretch up with the rest… however, too late now unfortunately :slight_smile: Either way, she’s gonna be okay.


Thanks @pyromancy🙂 Following your Blue Dream CBD thread closely. Learning a ton!


Hello growers,

Hope everone is enjoying the holidays!

My girl is getting bushy. She just started transition. I am wondering wheter to lollipop and defoliate right away (no more than 30 % in one trim of course)

, or if I should let her be until end of transition (so to not stunt growth). I have found conflicting advice online…

What do you think is the best approach to ensure top quality bud?




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Fresh cut😊 Hopefully did not get too gready!


Guick question to the group: Grobo has notified me that my plant is thirsty (last refill was Friday). I am currently distilling at full capacity. Will fill her up in a little while. My question is whether I should add Hydroguard as well (in addition to when doing the weekly re-fill). I would think so, but I just want to avoid an OD. Thanks!