First grow (or fourth, but who's counting)

So I got my grobo all setup and after three failed starts, out of ignorance, I’ve finally got something to be proud of. She’s in day 6 of early vegetation, and I think it’s looking promising, but I really don’t know what I’m looking for so we’ll see. Thank you, @SWSVIC and others for all the guidance.

I bought Ed Rosenthal’s book, “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook”, and there’s a line that says something to the effect that marijuana isn’t addictive, but growing it is. I’d say that’s spot on.


Looks great Brother, that may be one of the truest lines ever written :joy:


Pure obsession😎


Dude you got good heart to keep trying after three No-Go’s, high five! Congrats :clap:t3:


What items do you have in your Grobo? I see a blue box and a white temp gauge or fan?

They’re both the same thing, humidity and temperature sensor. The little blue thing is a sensorpush, the other is just a static temp/humidity display. I’m pulling them both out, just using them to help calibrate the Pi sensors (see my post “Raspberry Pi Addition”)

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Day 8 of early vegetation, does it look correct? It looks a bit droopy to me but since this is my first ever grow, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like. The first two leaves that came out are touching the bottom and kinda got some brown spots on the tips, I’m wondering if it’s safe to remove these?

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It’s alive! Looks weak but it’s there. Second attempt of growing GDP. Finally peaked through the pod.


One of the cotyledons took a hit on the way out huh?

@SWSVIC hello! It did. Would it be okay? A little discoloration as well. What can I do to help it heal?

Honestly I don’t know my man, no experience with that issue. Can any champs chime in? @Russel_Richardson @Bplatinum9 @Stephen

Should I spray it with water or anything? Any suggestions would help.

Best bet is to leave it alone and wait for the new growth to come in.


Thanks :+1:

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Your plant should recover, if you start to notice a problem please repost a new picture asap! Keep us posted!


Yeah looks a bit discoloured, just keep an eye on it should be fine like B said :+1:



  • ((#YourGrowYourCall)): :herb:

  • (If it is over 50% [:dizzy_face:] -or- If it goes under the UnderGrowth [:black_circle:] -or- It’s Blocking a [Budsight] [:performing_arts:] then it is cuttable [:scissors:]): :wink:


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  • (The [“Blurple”] color doesn’t help us see the green in your Baby [:baby: :herb:]): -But- (If she is green you are good): :white_check_mark:



My first grow has gone really well (Skywalker OG), I’m in day 19 of flower and have lots of bud sites. I’m really excited to see what this thing yields.

Some observations I’ve made on the Grobo are as follows. First of all, I love this thing, this is the very first time I’ve attempted to grow cannabis and the Grobo has really made it a pretty simple process. That said, there’s a serious drawback in that it can only do a single plant. It took me about a month of three failed germinations before this one took off, because it only grows a single plant you kinda need to nail it right away to be efficient. Also, since you can’t determine the sex until a couple months into the grow, it would super suck if you got there and realized you had a boy. I have feminized seeds, but there’s still a chance one could turn out to be male. Otherwise, this thing is the bee’s knees.

I’m going to do another grow once this is completed, and I’ve setup a tent that I’ve got five plants started in, just in soil. I can’t wait to compare the yields.


Where did you get that trellis?? I’m jealous, looks great!

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I designed it, if you want one drop me a pm and I’ll send it to you with instructions on how to make it.