First grow of all times - Blue Cheese #2

Hi all,

I am now 1 week into early vegitation according to the recipe. Already checked the roots and there is a thick bundle of roots goint into the water.

So I basically only have 1 question for you experts: Are we good? :sweat_smile:



Can you take a picture of your nutrients?
Question: Are they new for this grow?
If they are we have a recalibration needed! Post pic to be sure!
Dont hesitate to ask often!
Team has got you covered!!! :eyes::seedling:


She looks a lil down but as @Bplatinum9 says need more pics of nutrient bottle maybe a pic of the roots or do you see bubbles going inside the grobo


Oh no :scream:

Will post the requested pics tomorrow when I am back home.
So far only acid was used, at least mostly that. I think about 1/3 of the bottle.

Thanks for your quick response :heart:

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Hi again,

here are the requested pictures. I hope she can still be saved…

What was hinting at her being unwell?


Please recalibrate your sensors using the maintenance tab & 4.0 & 7.0 calbration solution. :eyes::seedling:


Thank you, will get some solution tomorrow and follow the app!

Should I use tab water or destilled? I am currently using tab but I am thinking of switching it to destilled.

So the issue is that the sensors are not properly calibrated and therefore nutrition is not dispensed correctly?

Many thanks again!


Yes if you look at your nutrient bottles your #2 bottle Is half used while the others are barely used.
Bottles one and two are usually always at the same level and never under three, four or five if that helps!
If you mean in your reservoir? You should be using reverse osmosis water!!!
I use mostly RO water but I mix it with distilled!
This may be why your roots look like they were experiencing root rot on the bottom.
Do not use tap water in your reservoir unless it has been properly ph"d.
Are you using hydroguard in the water? If not get some asap!


We dont have it in Germany but I found something similar. Its the same bacteria but the concentration is 4 times as high.

And I adjusted the dosage to the Hydroguard instructions.

Do you reckon she can still be saved? -.-

Will share a picture of the specs when I get back.

cheers :pray:


The Hydroguard substitute


Sure just do the recalibration as soon as possible, dont let any light get on the roots and most importantly switch from tap water to Reversed Osmosis! :eyes::seedling:


Sensors are recalibrated and I changed the water to destilled with 1ml of the above Hydroguard substitute.

RO water is not to come by at the moment because of lockdown. Do you think the destilled will already improve the situation?


Distilled is not bad at least it clear of contaminates


So I just spotted this.

Shes done, right?

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What are the water temps or inside grobo


Room temp I think, like 18-20°C. The water probably a bit less. But I dont have a thermo, will get one tomorrow.

What are your thoughts? Still possible to save her?

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Need more pics how are your bottles are they dispensing or is one using more than the other and the actual plant health

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So a bit further above we discovered that the pH probe needs recalibrating because 1 was not dispesned at all. Did that yesterday and I think a bit went out of 1 but still very little only.

Thanks a lot for your help!


What color is your hydroguard-like stuff? Is it brown too? I use a similar non-hydroguard product that leaves my roots looking yellowish but not brown. I have used other products that did make the roots brown, though, which is why I ask if it’s brown.

I would try adding more of it (with fresh water) if the amount you added already doesn’t improve the situation within 2 weeks. It takes days for it to take effect if you are waiting for the bacteria to win. Sometimes it takes a higher dosage of the beneficial bacteria, too. If in doubt just use a double or triple dose to what is recommended as the regular schedule (i.e. if it says give 1mL per 12L then give it 3mL for a week or two).

If you want to speed it up that process, you need to clean the brown stuff off first, with h2o2 to clean the roots and airstone and vinegar to clean the reservoir/plastic parts.

Also, how is the top of the plant looking?? That’s where you should notice an improvement first, if it perks back up or if it gets saggier.


Ah ok thats a very good hint, I was going for rather too little than too much of the substitute.And yes, it is brown as well. Then I will try adding another dose of it, just changed the water yesterday.

How does it work with cleaning and everything? I mean, where do I leave the plant when I clean the reservoir?

Plant above looks OK I think? There are some light spots on some leaves but that might be due to the pH not being adjusted properly and bottle 1 not being dispensed much. But I dont know.

Thanks <3

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