[First Grow Ever] Banana Daddy RBX1 by Ethos genetics

Hey guys! Just got started a couple days ago and just got my first sign of life!
Day 3 of germination



:groboone: Ready, set… go! :checkered_flag:

Sounds like an awesome strain!


Yay, congrats! I’m right behind you with my Amnesia Haze!! Looked just like that this morning when I woke up. :grin:




Day 5 of Germination
You guys are awesome! I have a quick question for whoever sees.
One side is bigger than the other and it looks like it is falling down, is that normal?


I wouldn’t be concerned. Keep an eye on it, but it should straighten up on its own over the next few days.


Yay you’ve got a spot out! She’ll grow just fine. Give her some love!


Just an update:
Day 7 of Germination :))


Woot working on next leaves!! :leaves:


Update Pics: Day 9 of Germination :slight_smile:


She looks happy. I also just got some beans from ethos, looking forward to popping them soon.


Hey guys, just an update on the grow! I’m seeing some spots on the leaves, any ideas what this could be? My temp and humidity haven’t been the best. Maybe around 83 for temp and 40 for humidity.


Water temp is low 80s, around 82-83

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It looks like shes responding to her first nutrient dosage. This seems to be pretty normal with the grobo. To reduce the stress, you can add an extra cup of RO water directly into your reservoir and do daily water top offs (fill only) until she stops showing new spots.

With your water temp that high, I would recommend looking into some microbes to protect your root zone (products such as hydroguard). She would be happier if the RH was a bit higher, other than that, she does look good.


Thanks for the tips bro,
This is my first time so what is a water top off? lol
Also, I’ve been adding 1.5 teaspoons of hydroguard with every fill/drain



Water top off = filling your reservoir back to its full water line. You can do this by going through maintenance and selecting fill and filling your grobo.

Most manual growers would top off and check their water on a daily basis. The grobo nornally reminds you to do this once a week but you can actually do it daily to help dilute your nutrient solution.

Awesome! You’re on the right track.


This looks great! Keep up the good work, maybe get a small fan to help cool down the plant if the unit is getting hot inside a bit! Cheers


She ain’t looking too good overnight🥺
I’ve had the humidity at around 55 and temp at around 80-82, could it be the water temp? It’s at 76.3 F
Should I fill/drain?


Its okay you’ll cut off those leaves in a few weeks. Look at my early grow. I had ugly leaves at first too but she kicked ass later. The spots seems to be on the old leaf only and not the new growth. They are very resilient plants and bonce back quickly once the conditions are right

Have you calibrated your PH probe before starting your grow? it could also be ph issues. If your probes do need to be calibrated then I would recommend a drain and fill.

However if your probes are indeed calibrated, then this is just the normal browning everyone on AG gets at first, just add more water to the reservoir and do daily top off. To avoid this next time, allow her to get a bit bigger in germination under a dome and slowly lower the RH to 50 before entering veg. I would even allow her leaves to yellow a slight bit in germination before entering veg.

I also used this as a grow guidelines when I first got started, it really helped me get my conditions in order.

If you are interested in the accessories many growers get on AG to help their grow:

Extra air pump + Extra airstone (big one) - this will be bonus air for the roots and back up air in case grobo malfunctions.

Mini fan - will help your plant become stronger later and help dry out the coco pod to avoid dampening. You can start putting a fan on her in a few weeks.

Magnetic hooks - training and support

Hygrometer - monitor conditions

Hydroguard - root protection

Scrog - if you are planning on training

Warer chiller - baller status and expensive. If you have basic electronics experience, you can build a DIY chiller for like fractions of the cost with peleteir and water blocks like how gamers do for their PC

These items are not necessary to complete your grow, but it helps the success of your grow.


Thanks for the info man! Unfortunately I can’t calibrate the pH since I don’t have any calibration solutions but I did just fill/drain for the first time in veg and it only filled to the second level, is that normal? I’m wondering mainly because I used the same amount of Hydroguard (1.5 teaspoons) as before but this time the water is lower.