First grow: Blue Widow

Youll continue to get leaves like that. If your going to continue buy a water filter jug for your fridge and use that but dont put in your fridge do room temp


I’m not too concerned over using tap water but i do want to get a filter so i can filter out the chemicals. Next grow i will use that water specifically made for hydroponics.

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Is that what caused that?
I was thinking nutrient burn at first then noticed very small gnat looking flies in my grobo. (I wish it were more airtight andre light tight for the money and less flimsy). I was thinking they might have infected it or spread something. After flushing my system last night, i noticed water on the tray from wetting the coco pod and thought it would dry so i left it. Checked it this morning and leaf tips were sitting in it. (Only a small amount). Water doesn’t seam to evaporate very well which is a good thing for humidity. Here in Texas it’s a drier climate so im not used to moisture lasting as long as it does inside the grobo


Looking better


What do you guys think about trimming?
Should i top, lollipop or thin it out right now or should i wait a little more?
Looks like the top bigger gan leaves could go to allow more light to lower branches along with removing a few lower leaves to give more room.
Also, it is day 27


Yeah you can get rid of the lower growth, and if it’s not an auto you typically want to top it at the 5th node, which you have so I would go ahead and trim/top and extend your veg for another 2 weeks :+1:

Thanks Russell!
I’ll do so when i gett of work

Well… i think i messed it up. What do you guys think?
Heres a before and after.

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Lmao. When it comes to pruning; it never was my stronghold.

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Took these on 7-14-20 at day 49. Does this look like average height? I would have like to do vegetative phase a bit longer but couldn’t figure out how.


Go to Maintenance 》Shift Schedule 》Extend


Just extending it by 7 days. Figured i was too far into the transition stage to go back to veg stage since its been on a 12 hr light schedule for a while. I had no idea that this option was on here… my grobo didn’t come with a manual.


Yeah, I spent hours on here before pulling the trigger and it made things that much smoother. You know now tho, better late than never! Btw, search the forum and elsewhere on extending during Transition. Some people advise against it, but ultimately we’re all working with different variables and what might be or seem true for one grow may not necessarily apply for another. Either way it’s good to know the general consensus going in.


This is where i am currently at. Trimmed last night andadded pics from this morning. I am at day 58 and have previously increased the transition stage by 7 days. Is my plant height normal?


Hey @DEisen

Your plant is definitely on the short side an it will finish that way as you are nearing the end of the stretch.

  1. Running the Grobo recipe time wise (without at least a short extension of late Veg.) is almost never recommended.

  2. I believe you also had a slow grower/stunted plant on your hands.

These 2 things in conjunction are are very likely to be the cause of the small size of the plant. Also, have you been removing your plant from the unit every time you trim? I don’t believe this is a good practice as it causes your roots to be exposed to light for an extended period of time which is a definite no no.


The transistion phase is technically the flowering stage correct? 12/12 light cycle… i don’t know if extending this part would help with your grow

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That is correct, I don’t believe there is any reason to extend transition. If there is, it is unbeknownst to me, please correct me if so.

-Extend Germ: If seedling isn’t ready fo nutrients.

-Extend Early Veg: If plant isn’t ready for increased nutrient load of Late Veg.

-Extend Late Veg: To grow plant to desired size to ensure proper height/desired yield.

-Extend Transition: No reason that I’m aware of.

-Extend Flower: To achieve desired trichome ripeness.


I didnt know that i could manually extend or even extend any grow phases until after it moved to transition. The two issues i had that might have an impact is that there was not a Blue Widow recipe. I was told in here to change recipe to a basic generic so i did, afterwards, i was told by Todd i think, with grobo, to use a recipe closer to this strain so i picked the blueberry recipe. Both recipe changes reset the germination phase. Not sure if that had an impact. I change water every week and during trimming, i remove plant from grobo and place in a small tub with clean average temp water and try to trim quick to avoid shock. With plant tray on top of tub, the roots are able to be kept from light sources.
Also, I’m not sure if I’m trimming too much at once, trimming too much in general at a time or trimming fan leaves that i shouldn’t.
The only time i am able to trim is during the plants sleep cycle which is lights out at 4pm for twelve hours… i have no knowledge as to how to have the 12 hour period gradually switch to a time for when its awake when i get home from work.