First Grow - AK 47 Auto - HARVESTED

Day 99 Harvest!


Congrats, nice work brother!


Nice, looks like some good looking buds! Excited to see the final weight :slight_smile: Congrats!


Congrats on the harvest! They look tasty already


Update: Dried 4/5 days. Trimmed a bit more.

59g buds
24g popcorn and trim

Half way thru trimming^^

Some of the better nugs:

3oz combined! Pretty happy with my first harvest! AK-47 Auto and she got way too tall out of control.


Damn what a nice harvest! That’s a lot for an AUTO! Who said they can’t produce in the time alloted!?! :slight_smile: I’m gonna be happy if I get an ounce of good buds, but 59g I’d be super happy !


Nice choice on the AK47 btw… in my head that was going to be my first grow… I remember telling that to my wife… However, once I was looking around for seeds I found the Candy Cane had AK47 and White Widow lineage, which are both two classic strains I’ve never personally had so it seemed like a nice package deal :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that AK47 is pretty forgiving for a novice grower as well and produces large harvests for them all the same; looks like even in auto form it still bangs out some big nugs


Yes, great yield and size of buds! I bought some of the ak-47 at a retail store and those nugs are much smaller but denser. I can already tell the homegrown will be superior. It’s just so heavily crystallized!


In my other Grobo I have Lamb’s Bread Auto going. A strong sativa from Jamaica.


She’s lookin’ good too :wink:

I def. have heard of Lambs Bread and it’s roots in Jamaica, another classic :slight_smile:


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When did she stretch the most? Do you think the flip to flower light spectrum induced that or was it just her natural timing before flowering? Just wondering!

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Good question! ok so about 12 days into Flower I thought she was going to get too tall. At this point she was showing signs of flowering and at the small white sensor level. Within about 2 weeks she seemed to stretch big time up to the lights and beyond.

A lot of the pictures do not show how many tie downs and grobo support wires I had running to keep the height in check. She got too tall and was too bushy so I wish I had trimmed more earlier.


Okay cool… was just wondering the timeline…

Mine looks farther along in transition than yours and has been showing pistils for 13 days now, she is stretching though.

So I only asked to get an idea of how tall mine might end up… Cuz on day 12 flower for yours looks about where my plant is right now, she is about 6 inches above the 2nd fan now with pistils at lots of spots

. EDIT: Duh, I extended veg for 5 days… that’s probably why mine looks farther along LOL :slight_smile: So yeah… I think I might have to get creative soon possibly O_O