First Grobo grow question

Hello fellow growers. This is my first grow in the grobo and for my previous grows that were in soil I didn’t have the tips looking brown like this. Is this normal?


So I guess it looks like nutrient burn. Perhaps because it only filled the water to the minimum level this week the nutrient level got too high? I’ve been used hydroguard could that have any affect?


Hey @Greengo do you happen to have a handheld pH testing device?

@SWSVIC yes I have one and it tested at 6.14

Slightly high but I don’t believe that is enough to cause the damage you are seeing. What type of water are you using and what is your Hydroguard dosage?

@SWSVIC I’m using distilled water and 6ml of hydroguard at each reservoir change

Spot on, is your water temperature and or temperature in the growing space exceptionally high?

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@SWSVIC I haven’t been able to get a water temp reading but inside I think the temps are good. Between 77-79 and 45-48 RH.

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That’s too hot if your water does not have Hydroguard

Is your #5 bottle dispensing anything yet? Sometimes when the units are new or after a cleaning the hoses can get kinked. If you don’t notice anything being used from that last bottle you can follow the hose to check on that make sure it’s not pinched/squished/bent anywhere.

The affected leaves might continue to go brown and die off, as is usually the case. I’d leave them attached while monitoring the other leaves for a few days. When they’re about “half dead” you can pull them off but if you do it too soon the plant might just start taking from the next leaf if there is actually a continued problem.

The thing to watch for is how well the new growth is coming in up top and whether or not the problem continues on the next sets of nodes/leaves.


@vegetato yes bottle #5 has actually dispensed the most to this point. I’ll keep a close eye on it this week and hopefully the new growth is not affected. I appreciate the help!

@shadowcipher89 I am using hydroguard

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If you haven’t already, you should also send in a support ticket to at any sign of issue/deficiency like that, to get advice/info based on the data they can see.

The brown tips on first leaves like that are somewhat common; usually said to be a bit of shock from first doses of nutrients but it can sometimes be indicative of an issue. All you can really do is try not to disturb it much, keep it comfy temp/humidity wise and keep a close eye on progress.

Also - how much of the other bottles have been used?

If a lot of the pH is being used you can try testing/calibrating ph sensor (requires ph calibration kit or fluids), but that’s probably the last thing to try if it’s a new unit I’d think.


Agreed, send support ticket, and post a picture here of your nutrient bottles showing the amount that has been used thus far.

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@SWSVIC @vegetato here are the nutrient bottles as of today day 14

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Were you able to submit your support ticket? They may ask you to test and possibly recalibrate your pH/EC/ppm measurement devices. In my brief experience, it does appear that your unit has used a little more of bottles 1 & 2 than I would think to be necessary since you’re using distilled water. The other bottles look spot on. Is it only the two leaves that are damaged (it isn’t spreading to the new growth)? It could honestly just be that she is a little sensitive to nutrients and burnt a little more than usual, have you grown this exact genetic previously?

Also, your coco pod appears a little over saturated (could just be lighting). Can you confirm that it is just slightly moist to the touch and not soaking wet. If it does feel “wet” check under the lid to confirm that your coco pod is not touching the water.

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Another thing to check - has the app prompted you to do the first drain/fill – and that was completed?

It does look like a bit of #5’s been used, which is expected, but it’s hard to tell if #3 and #4 have been used yet. It can help to mark the current level on the bottle or label with a marker, at least when diagnosing something. Then mark it again once it moves after a drain/fill. Bottle #1 and #2 will go down as needed on an hourly basis; the less used the better (it’s ph up/down).

One issue that I’ve seen in another post is that it takes more than one drain/fill to prime the pumps and get fluid running through the line with some new units or if the hose is tight or pinched somewhere along the line. Since it’s day 14 you’ll have another drain/fill soon and that should answer whether or not it’s using those bottles. The pumps will run briefly and you’ll see the bottle levels go down a little bit within 15 minutes or so after filling.


What strain/breeder is it by the way?

@SWSVIC There is slight burn on just the tip of one of the second set of leaves very minimal. I haven’t submitted a ticket yet was going to wait a bit just to see if things improve. The pod is wet at the top and on the bottom as well. I can’t tell if it’s touching the water or not I am assuming it is based off what I can see with the lid slightly open. I did spray her a few times with distilled water in a water bottle should I not be doing that? I was thinking at first when I saw the burn that it was too dry. I have grown this strain before in soil without any issues. It’s northern lights from Nirvana.

@vegetato I have changed the water twice and will again tomorrow. Good call with marking the bottles I am doing that now.

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