First dry questions

This is my first drying. There is some water still in the tank even though i drained. Is that okay?

My probes are in distilled water. Will that be okay for a month ? I see some people say yes some say need to put in a solution , which solution ?

Do I need to cut these smaller to get the buds more away from my extra fans or just to long in general ?

And humidity. I see people say 30 to 40. And others saying don’t go below 50. Does anyone know the correct answer ?

Thank you all so much ! Couldn’t get this far without all the help


I am almost near you, have 3-4 weeks left until flush and can’t wait. :grinning: Not sure there is a right or wrong way to let it dry as I have seen some that cut it much smaller than you did, and I seen some that hang the entire plant so more than you are. “I” would have cut that shorter, a good 6-8 inches maybe.

Humidity, I have heard a few things like you said, I watched a course on growing a few weeks back and they said 40-60% but even as high as 70% and temps of 77-86. I have no idea how this plays into growing in a Grobo or if that would be the same,

I saved the box and caps with the liquid for the probes when they were first installed. So it came with the caps, liquid and box if you saved them.


Some great questions. Good job on making it to the end

A month might be long for the probes. Check after 2 weeks there is still water. I use this technique sometimes. I also keep kci storage solution with my ca for storage on my other unit.
No more cutting required in my opinion just dont have fan blowing directly on bud
Circulation only.
Humidity is arguable by everyone. A large majority of users here aim for 55 to 65. I think 60 to 62 is ideal anything less is not desirable for the bud based on my own experience in a dry climate.




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