Fill your own?

I have no idea what he uses, but I saw someone saying he fills the bottles himself and even uses his own filters made out of cut up carbon prefilter sheets the air purifiers use.

Has anyone tried this here as the nutes add $50-$100 to every grown he said?

I am NOT saying to try this as I have no idea :smiley: if it works, just someone said they do it.

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In reference to fill your your own bottles Impossible to do answer is no. Coming up with the right formula for bottle 3,4,5 without even knowing the how the backend is working I see a pretty hard task to pull off.

Not to mention the formula Grobo is Using does extremely well job at keeping the nutes stable without any settlement at the bottom

It would take an extreme amount of trial and error. In my humble opinion




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Thanks. I was only curious as while still waiting for mine to come, been all over YouTube and the web reading up about Grobo.

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The other option i see would be to drain the Grobo every week and refill with your own improved water, where you put all the stuff your plant will use for the week (and leaving bottle 3, 4 and 5 filled with distilled water)

Personally i would keep using bottle 1 and 2 as controlling your Ph automatically is really nice.

The only problem I see…
You would not save that much money, as hydroponic nutriments are pretty expensive… Basic N-P-K, not so much $$$, but for everything else, the bill goes up very fast.

It’s possible, not necessarily super cost effective, but possible for sure


We are not planning to do it, was just curious. We already have an extra Pro kit. Seems some try to do all kinds of things with Grobo, a lot of videos out there.

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I was thinking about doing it, after I finish all the extra bottle I bought
Until I start my own hydroponic tent…
Holly macaroni, those juice are expensive :slight_smile:

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