Nutrient help

Hey everyone! I messed up a little. I am out of nutrients in pretty much all my bottles. I thought I had an extra box of nutrients waiting but apparently I don’t :slight_smile:
Does any one know what’s in the bottles 1-5. So I can run out and get something to aid in my flowering phase until my shipment of new nutrients from Grobo arrives?
Thanks a bunch!


Hey @Heretic04,

Oh no! I’d be very careful adding in nutes that aren’t from Grobo into the system. Very easy to gunk it up with organics. Reach out to our team at so we can check your grow and assist. Don’t drain/fill the unit, just top up until the nutes arrive.



This is a disappointing answer to me. I was frustrated that the Grobo nute bottles did not have any info on their labels. Glad someone published the MSDS info. While a lot of nutes may gum up the system, there may be some that are perfectly appropriate. Acid (ph down) & Base (ph up) are readily available to refill bottles 1 & 2.

My experience with this forum is that growers really help growers. Not just make recommendations that will affect the bottom line. Please reconsider your “oh no” response…it makes it seem that it is an emergency that Grobo nutes are not on board. This is just deceptive & irresponsible.

Experienced growers will know this but I feel like responses like this take advantage of noobs. Just my 2 cents.

Still love this forum…it is one of my main sources for education.

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Hey @DeeDub,

Thanks for sharing, totally fair. Tone is lost in text unfortunately. My ‘Oh No’ was more in response to @Heretic04’s mistake of thinking he had extra nutes. Guess I could’ve used ‘Doh’ instead.

Let me unpack a bit more…

Yes, bottles 1 and 2 are pH up and down and are readily available. Our bottles 3/4/5 are food. Simple stuff. You can run out and buy a bunch of bottles, a pH meter and EC probe, but it’s not necessary. You should be able to run for a bit with the current nutes you have in your system without much adverse effects on your grow. This is why I suggest you swing by the support team so we can get the details of your grow and make a better recommendation.

If you do get nutes, don’t put them through the system, just add them directly to the reservoir.



Awesome!! I will do that. Thanks a bunch. I believe my replacement bottles should be here mid next week. I generally do my water changes on Wednesdays, hopefully they come before then but either way I will follow supports advise! Thank you again!


Thank you @Stephen for clarification…much appreciated ! :hugs:

As an eye care provider, I would advise some labeling on bottles 1 & 2 at a minimum. Eye injuries with acid (painful) and bases (blinding) are common. Labeling on all bottles would be prudent.


Im in agreement. This may be proprietary information but educated customers are usually return customers. Most people shouldnt be trying to duplicate your recipe, because honestly why use thr grobo, use floraflex and have no size or wattage restrictions. I think its a smart move on future branding


As much as I despise “big pharma” (I have a pharmacist sister…ouch)…and government intervention, I do value the scrutiny that US systems place on products released to the public. Yes…some is unwarranted but I would rather have too much info vs too little info.

Like @ToddYYC I want to know what I am paying for.

If everything is disclosed in an MSDS, it is no longer proprietary…it is public info…just needs to be readily/easily accessible/available to the end user.

Stepping off the soap box…nuff said…going back to reading & learning