Fans etc

So I’m seeing Mini fans and :thermometer:. Plus I’m keep hearing about hydroguard. Can so plz enlighten me as best solutions

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Depends on where you live and when you operate your unit. I dont use either

Dallas and we pretty much followed the setup from the app. Didn’t really specify times etc any information would be greatly appreciated

Where do you live. How hot does the day get. How cold. Does your house have ac?

Dallas TX. And I keep it at 73. Normally here it’s in the mid 50/60s during the fall and winter

You probably dont need hydroguard then. More for hot temperatures including in your reservoir
It helps prevent root rot but is not a requirement
It is pricey


Thanks so much. Just making sure via I had seen so many with the fan’s plus its only day 3 :laughing: :rofl:. I was just trying to be prepared

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You might want to add fans in the summer depending on its location and whether you have AC. I live in NorCal and needed them to cool off the box for the summer months only, even when AC was on. I keep them on low now just to help air flow.


Thank you guys so much… Day four should I shouldn’t remove the top piece of coca pod to see if the seed has popped in any form :thinking: