To peek or not?

This might be a question more so for @Stephen… but I’m wondering…

I finally set up my Grobo and started my first grow. I’m about three days in and having an air pump issue (Got a ticket in with support, but that’s not what this is about.)

I’m using a seed I’ve been holding onto for… well… about a year and a half. (I promised myself when I put in my down payment that my inaugural grow would be a nice Pineapple Express seed, so I’ve been holding a seed for the past year.)

Anyway, on day one I put the seed in the coco pod, and tore off a tiny piece of the pod to put in the hole to surround the seed as I’ve seen you mention in your videos. Today, I’ve noticed it’s kind of popped up a little… and I’m not gonna lie, I’m so terribly tempted to take a peek and see if my lil guy has germinated. What do you think? Can I take peek or is it too risky?


They may have a different answer then me, but I would totally open and look. Just be gentle


To echo @Todd.grobo I would (and did) totally peek. Just lift mini piece of coco pod with tweezers and satisfy your soul! :wink:


It’s a plant not a uterus hehehehhehe



I vote peek.

I peek. It’s a boy!

I am so stoked! I’ve had that seed sitting by FOREEVER!! Sprouted in three days! I really had my doubts!


I have 2.5 year old CBD seeds from Dana Larson cross canada trip. They still sprout too

Ehhherm, but a small bit of advice before you jinx yourself, never call her a boy, she might get passed off and actually herme. :triumph::scream::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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lol! Good tip! Don’t want her to get a complex lol

Yeah, they can be funny that way. Congrats though she is coming to see the light.

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Lol, Freedom Dream eh?

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Hey SterlingNico,

The time has finally come eh? What a glorious day! I’m pumped to follow your P.Express grow. As you have been advised by the wise minds of the Grobo collective, checking on your seed is perfectly fine, even encouraged. A 3 day germination period is just about perfect, you should see leaves emerge in a day or two and then it’s off to the races.


Can’t agree here more. If you aren’t using solid feminized seeds, be very careful what you say around her. :wink:

That’s the one Stephen. Have 3 growing atm and oddly enough were all white seeds. Still worked


I’m glad you did…


I admit it after 7 days I began to worry. I peaked inside to make sure she was alive. I notice a little root and I was satisfied. A tiny peak doesn’t hurt.