Exotic Genetix Concord Cream

I got hydroguard and a water chiller and a inkbird sensors to regulate the temperatures and humidity. I don’t know what energize is, but I got the chemical that cleans ur roots. So Everytime I’m going to do a water change I’ll be putting the plants in 5 gallon external pots while I flush the setup and clean it up a tad bit. I’ve worked hard on building this setup and my babies are going to be eating well and have plenty of headroom! Going with a full house&garden nutrient schedule. Also this is exotic genetics Mike’s strawberry lemonade! Can’t wait really.

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100% it hermed. Some of the bud sites had white hairs and some had banana pods.

I did a lot of research and ordered directly from their website.

it came down to price, but I had to reach out to them and change a couple of things, like the water pump they sell is 50hz while for US standards u need 60hz. So I had to replace the water pump also everything they sold is 220v just an fyi. All in all its not bad at all but the Italians are terrible with instructions :rofl:

I mainly got it for scalability and the price is right.

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I checked their website and they wanted $169 + $27 for something that only cost €99.99 where they live.
What did you do about the air pump? So you just bought: reservoir, tubes, gaskets, valves, pots?



@Bplatinum9 I sent them a message describing my issue, the owner responded( it’s a ma and pop store) and worked things out with me so that it would be cheaper without the airpump/water pump. I ended up paying him off the website using PayPal, all in all the shipping was expensive. But I saw a bunch of his videos on YouTube and the setup looked solid ( is solid) just for those damn EU voltages :confused: I mean u can probably get something similar tailor made in a Hydroshop somewhere. But I prefer buying everything online. I also did buy the resevoir which is HUGE!


Thanks so much for sharing your information with me!!! :pray:

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No worries! Good luck with finding ur new setup ! :clinking_glasses:

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So, started a new grow in the grobo was an Auto Purple kush.

3 weeks before flushing the air pump decided to die, i opened up the grobo read a couple of forum posts on the airpump and realized its just a shit pump, unforunately i couldnt find another airpump so i decided to end the grow.

10/10 I would not recommend anyone to buy a Grobo. atleast not this first generation crap build quality that i need to open up to fix.

So after 180+ days with a grobo, 2 failed grows due to failure of the components. where’s the pitchforks? i want to burn some canadian schmucks alive. lets not forget your 80% margin on your properitory nutes.

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That’s super frustrating, so sorry to hear that. Your other setup looks incredible that’s in the thread. What are you thinking now, fire it up a 3rd round?

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I’m undecided, probably going to let it rot. its just not worth the effort. either i need to repair it or just junking it and writing it off completely. 1 plant( lucky to get an ouce) , 2200 USD, 4 months, no open source, properity blended nutes. probably making a good 40% margin on the sale of the grobo unit

my other grow is going swell, first week of flowering. 2 females and they’re absolute monsters!

lesson is: always buy a tent. no such thing as automated lol. ur process is just as streamline as you make it. dont expect to buy a grobo and for it to be plug and play.


You can fully automate a tent