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I’m not using CO2 @Mpower11 is a seasoned crop grower and is more advanced than most, I’m like you, just learning what I can a little at a time!
I do prefer a simple way of growing with just a bit of automation to keep me from working too hard to enjoy a grow!
I have many things to fix about my grow before I purchase the trollmaster pro but I’m looking forward to it.:eyes::seedling:


Co2 I wouldn’t recommend for anyone until they have there RH/Temps mastered first… You can inject Co2 without RH/Temps mastered, it will not hurt the plants just you will be spending $$$ without much of any gain…

Veg with Co2 for me is easy to pull off… When I change to flower and I start pushing around 1300 Watts of LED power the heat kills me because I have to exhaust (lose my Co2)… I’m missing a A/C system in my setup to solve my Co2 problem… I just don’t really want to go down that road.

A lot of the time I even think it more of a hassle than it worth


Everything is a trade off, whether it be for time or moola
1300 w is a lot of heat :slight_smile: Could heat your basement with that lol


You need to be pushing at min 600 Watt Led or 1000 watt HPS in a 4 by 4 tent if you want to get the most out of your Co2

lol it’s true last winter I heated my whole basement with my exhausted heat


:+1:t2:Yea me as well ur pretty advanced with this I think :thinking: everyone can always learn more but u are definitely nice :+1:t2: as well :dash::seedling:


:joy::joy: I guess it helped ur gas :fuelpump: bill :+1:t2: yea I do remember u telling me u really didn’t want to go down that road so what would be the alternative for that then :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


What I’m going to try this time but I’m really not to confident it will solve the problem 100% but we will see. I added a second AC duct in my room from my house AC system not my tent just the room my tent is in… All return ducks are closed off in that room…

I going to exhaust into the room making the room hotter hoping the extra AC duck into the room will keep it colder… So yes I’m wasting Co2 into the room but hoping to be able to reuse when the Carbon fans turn on… Mind you Grobo may get a small bonus out of it since it’s in the room…lol

For standby power if the room gets to hot I have a 6 " carbon fan setup to exhaust heat and now Co2 out of the room to outside… (this part is 70% setup right now)

Hoping this all makes sense…lol


:joy: it does sounds very challenging tho I would like to hear :ear: the end result what’s the temp u looking for :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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Day temp I want to be 85 to 88 (at 1200 to 1500 ppm)

Night temp I want to be 72


Ok :ok_hand:t3: how many watts does that kick :leg: out an how old are ur plants :seedling: that u kicking so much intensity into them​:+1:t2::dash::seedling:


If I’m running full power I’m pushing 1280 Watts…

I think they are around 4 to 5 weeks old now… I kind of forget… I will have to check on journal when I get home… I’m not pushing 1280 W right now in veg I will when I change to flower.

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Got u :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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I get Co2 bags. Some are 6mo and 12 mo. Anyways my bags are still good for a while. Underground has is own natural Co2 already there. It’s not hard to make it apart of your grow

You can’t hurt your grow… Just makes it grow faster… Do everything faster… But putting one in a Growbo IDK


Agreed I understand I just want to learn everything I need to know before attempting it really don’t want to get something before I fully understand it thanks tho :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


TrolMaster has released the newest version of the Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2) firmware that has addressed previously reported problems as well as to add some great new features including:

  1. Add a VFD control module for the speed control of AC motor (industrial fans ect.);.

  2. Add a “Spray Mode” for lowing power or speed of certain devices automatically.

  3. Improve internet connection.

  4. Other small bugs fixing and general improvements.

Please make sure your unit is connected to the internet in order to be able to complete an update using our cloud server.


This update doesn’t require a factory reset after update. However, recommend follow the below steps to save your setting before update and restore your setting if you need to reset your system after update.

  1. You will first want to save your current settings on a USB driver that is 32gb or less

  2. Insert the USB driver into the controller USB slot on the lower left corner.

  3. Go to the system tab on the upper right corner of the HCS-2.

  4. Select Import / Export.

  5. Select Export all Settings.

  6. Select the path to save the file to the USB card, then name the file.

  7. Select Export… controller shows “Export Settings Complete”. Your settings are now backed up on the USB drive.

  8. Go back to the Settings page then select System Reset - Firmware Update - Select the “cloud” update

  9. When the unit completes installing the update, the unit will restart

  10. Once the unit restarts, select the Setting page, then select System Reset- Factory Reset and complete the factory reset.

  11. When the unit completes the factory reset, the unit will restart.

  12. Once the unit restarts, select the Settings page, then select Import / Export.

  13. Select Import all settings. Next you will find and select the backup filename you saved earlier.

  14. Select Open and then Select Import. Your settings will be restored, and your controller is ready to function.


TrolMaster Support Team

TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd.www.trolmaster.comTel: +1(877)-420-9876 1112 Eagleridge Blvd Pueblo, CO 81008


Great :+1:t2: info :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


So I’m trying to move forward but its a slow process!
Took down the 2 x 4 tent this week and put up my 4 x 8 tent but I’m stuck on medium decisions, sick of all the work of hydro but its hard to find LOS in my area, I think I’m going to have to make my own super soil, if I can find what I need locally.
This is what I have so far…


nice setup.


The coco mix im using for los is awesome and has so far been exceptionally easy

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My problem is shipping costing more than the medium. :eyes::seedling: