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Can’t wait to see your flex lines so I won’t have to kick you off my “Everything Flora Flex” topic to the tent section! :crazy_face::sunglasses: Lol!
Plus we all wanna see what you can do! Flex on us! :eyes::seedling:




Ur awesome :clap::sunglasses:


So are you!!! :eyes::seedling:


Thanks :blush:

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The triple og is back how is everyone ?


Chris where have you been hiding?


Got distracted building 600 all wheel horsepower car… still got my garden though how you been @Mpower11


Welcome back! :eyes::seedling:


TY so much friend

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Update: Still experiencing some problems with my electricity and cant setup new tent until its permanently fixed.
Going into flush so I can dismantel the 2X4


Electrical problem suck big fat toes I went a few weeks with out it and then the wifi problem hopefully you get it running soon


All good here the same old… Trying my current grow using LOS… Always wanted to try it out!!


Thanks T2g, it does suck toes, especially when you have to go to the basement in the middle of the night to turn the light off! So I’m definitely gonna figure it out! :eyes::seedling:


Hope u do quick that has to be a pain in the butt :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I see some nice colors


TrolMaster has released the newest version of the Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2) firmware that has addressed previously reported problems as well as to add some great new features including:

  1. Added 4 channels Spectrum Control for ThinkGrow Model-I plus LED.

  2. Daylight Saving mode and Auto / Manual time clock control selectable.

  3. Combined Line 1/2 options in DLI control.

  4. Add dimming Min/Max setpoints for the DLI control.

Please make sure your unit is connected to the internet in order to be able to complete an update using our cloud server.


This update will conduct a factory reset to prevent potential glitches. The factory reset will erase all the current setting and historical data from your device. (Historical data will still be accessible on the web-based program. Please follow the instructions below to save the setting on a USB driver and restore your setting after update.

  1. You will first want to save your current settings on a USB driver that is 32gb or less

  2. Insert the USB driver into the controller USB slot on the lower left corner.

  3. Go to the system tab on the upper right corner of the HCS-2.

  4. Select Import / Export.

  5. Select Export all Settings.

  6. Select the path to save the file to the USB card, then name the file.

  7. Select Export… controller shows “Export Settings Complete”. Your settings are now backed up on the USB drive.

  8. Go back to the Settings page then select System Reset - Firmware Update - Select the “cloud” update

  9. When the unit completes installing the update, the unit will restart

  10. Once the unit restarts, select the Setting page, then select System Reset- Factory Reset and complete the factory reset.

  11. When the unit completes the factory reset, the unit will restart.

  12. Once the unit restarts, select the Settings page, then select Import / Export.

  13. Select Import all settings. Next you will find and select the backup filename you saved earlier.

  14. Select Open and then Select Import. Your settings will be restored, and your controller is ready to function.

PS. For the Daylight Saving Time issue, you could adjust your device to correct UTC time zone or turn on the DST button to correct the system time.


TrolMaster Support Team

TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd.www.trolmaster.comTel: +1(877)-420-9876 1112 Eagleridge Blvd Pueblo, CO 81008



Wow :hushed: I was looking at those just waiting on getting it cause like I told @Mpower11 i have a lot to learn yet with the co2 an everything u guys are using but hopefully soon enough with All u guys help :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I’m not using CO2 @Mpower11 is a seasoned crop grower and is more advanced than most, I’m like you, just learning what I can a little at a time!
I do prefer a simple way of growing with just a bit of automation to keep me from working too hard to enjoy a grow!
I have many things to fix about my grow before I purchase the trollmaster pro but I’m looking forward to it.:eyes::seedling:


Co2 I wouldn’t recommend for anyone until they have there RH/Temps mastered first… You can inject Co2 without RH/Temps mastered, it will not hurt the plants just you will be spending $$$ without much of any gain…

Veg with Co2 for me is easy to pull off… When I change to flower and I start pushing around 1300 Watts of LED power the heat kills me because I have to exhaust (lose my Co2)… I’m missing a A/C system in my setup to solve my Co2 problem… I just don’t really want to go down that road.

A lot of the time I even think it more of a hassle than it worth