Drying Rack /Support Rack

If I’m not mistaken when the magnetic racks first showed up in the grobo store it was marketed as a drying rack for harvesting. I was looking at them today and they’re labeled as a support rack to help your grow. I just wanted to know if there’s any best practice when using the support racks kind of like how it should/could look if you’re setting it up while training your plant.

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I use it to spread and hold branches in place to provide maximum light coverage on lower portions of the unit.

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Okay @Todd.grobo so you kind of use it where is needed? I was just trying to get an idea I know other users create their own makeshift racks fruit Bowls or whatever is convenient and works I just didn’t know if there are some good ways to lay out the magnets evenly and if it should be that way a certain way or not.

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Azuri has his the most done up with other items in their like a recycled shoe rack or something to hold their plants up. I personally haven’t seen a need for it yet but I guess that could be totally dependent on the strain your growing vs the rest of us.

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  • It’s all personal preferences… @fuz does all our PlantTraining… Our first grow was really short, so we didn’t have a concern with ((RaisingTheRoof))-or-((SunBurn))… This second plant might be different, time will tell… Exactly as @Todd.grobo said:

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  • (#Scrog):

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@SilverGrobo my particular grow is a sativa dominant hybrid another user is already further along with the same strain and hit the roof twice so I definately want it under control knowing she’s a grower.


I agree it depends on the strain. I researched my current grow. Shes a tall one with the potential to be 90in tall obviously that won’t happen in grobo but I am going to scrog just in case.

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