Do you even ScrOG bro?

Hey Growers!

After much deliberation, I went ahead and added a my first ScrOG screen to my unit. I placed it at 8” from the floor of the grow space as I wanted to be sure I had room to work underneath for “lollipoping”. It was about 1” above my plant yesterday and when I checked this morning she is now growing into it.

Those of you who have utilized ScrOGing in Grobo before, at what height(s) did you place your screens? How far did you allow your plants to grow above the screen before spreading/tucking back under? Any other advice for a first timer?? Thanks!

Pic from yesterday:


@chris_barfield @Bplatinum9 Hope y’all are doing well, quick question for you:

I am about a week or so out from flipping to transition, The ScrOGing is going well. I’ve got a lot of good looking under growth that could definitely fill in the middle of my grow space. Problem is a lot of light is being blocked by fan leaves above them that are butting up against the screen near the top of the canopy (see pics below). At this point is it still more important to focus on the tops of my main colas (should I leave the fan leaves up top and forget about the undergrowth) or should I be removing the fan leaves that are blocking the undergrowth in order for them to receive as much light as possible to fill out the rest of my ScrOG? I have tucked as much as I can, it’s just not cutting it, if the plan is to focus light on the undergrowth. Thank you guys so much, appreciate your help big time. :facepunch:


Remove the big fan leaves under leave branches to see if they catch up and reach the canopy if they don’t by flip cut those too…


Appreciate it brother :facepunch:


Only removed 5 leaves and tucked a few others, also moved some branches further down the screen. Opened up the middle very nicely. Will prob go a couple more weeks in veg to see if they can catch up.


Looks great! As the plant grows taller do you move the scrog along with it? How does that work?

What are those fans you have?

You can certainly move it up, I will most likely leave it where it is and add a second screen if necessary.

What are those black fans you have at the bottom of the Grobo?

Love them, running them with battery packs that last 12 hours at its top speed setting!

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