Does the Grobo?

Will the Grobo alert me If the temp / humidity levels are out of range? Low water level? etc.

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Not to my knowledge
I usually check every 2 days. Others check daily.

How would you check anyways just curious?

Hey @NOo_Reggie

I think at some point the app will be giving us that data but don’t have any info beyond that.

You can get an external gauge like the one linked below. Various models and price ranges available. Home Depot, Walmart etc sells them.

Happy Growing!

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Okay cause i thought the grobo came with a reading to assure you of the right temp and ph cause the way others made it seem by them checking themselves on the grobo. Also i would think the grobo should keep everything in shape and balanced if done each step accordingly correctly am i right ?

I only check that it has water and too see if any damage or signs of concern on the leaves. Maybe 15 secs total.

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I agree with @Todd.grobo , the Grobo should take care of everything for you. If you live in a really hot and humid area you may want to just make sure the room where you grow doesn’t get to hot. Others like myself just like going an extra step since I personally just went through a very hot and humid summer and keep an eye on temps. :sunny: :desert_island:

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Okay cool thanks for the info @Azuri @Todd.grobo I’m hoping i don’t over do it on my temperatures because i keep the grobo in my room and my room for some reason seems to get the least ac.

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