Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]

Seedo informed me that they started their new user section where you can get more details on your order and so on (similar to my.grobo). There you can log in:

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Guess you have to buy one to sign up? Brought me to the pre-order page.

Edit: I thought this was for user forums like here at Grobo.


Hi, since seedo is quite different in the approach to care (or better not to care) about their community there’s no official forum. Some people founded a seedo user Facebook group but I haven’t joined yet.
Still the first sign that they will really start delivering soon - I hope.

I came across an interesting article today. Apparently Seedo is the first Auto grow box to hit the market. (Even though not one customer has one, lol)

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Partners with Eroll Grow Tech to Create First Auto-Grow Device for Medical Cannabis

2 Likes got a seedo and will do some review of its first grow:

Their marketing makes it sound like theirs is the first revolutionary product of its kind to hit the market, did you pre-order @fanatic ? I had my eye on both.

I did. Still waiting. Will have to decide soon which I choose

Hey everybody, my names Kenzie and I’m the marketing lead here at Grobo.

We want to understand more of what you want in a growing system so we can make the best possible product for you.

It would be very helpful if you could tell me if you ordered a Seedo machine and what made you choose the Seedo machine specfically?

Alternatively if you choose the Grobo grow system it would be helpful to hear why you choose it over other grow system choices.

Would really appreciate all feedback and info so we can work together to make the best possible grow system!


Hi Kenzie, great move to gather feedback from potential customers.
Since I’ve not yet decided between grobo and seedo - preordered both - I can give some insight in my preferences.
Most important is stealth. That doesn’t mean I want something ugly to hide but no smell, no light leakage and as little noise as possible is very important for me. Seedo promises no smell and no light leakage and that sounds great. Grobo has some issues with this and that is concerning me even though I trust the grobo team to resolve all problems.
Second is automatic growing. Especially no or very little maintenance during grow so I could go on holidays without regrets. But also automatic nutrient dosing, change of lighting etc. As far as I read seedo is with less maintenance but the grow recipes in grobo make a good impression. No idea what seedo delivers in this matter.
In long term I appreciate good customer support and an active community. In both regards grobo rules obviously.
Since I still wait on both my preorders decision will also depend on when grobo/seedo will really be delivered to me.

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You guys keep talking about the seedo, but have any of you seen the cloudponics unit. Way better, bigger, well built, and just a little more expensive. Massive res tank, nutes I can use my own or simply buy what they use in bulk, grow 4 plant at a time and total freedom of controls. These guys are our real competitors. Grobo team needs to check em out. New gen 3 out soon and I’ve seen it today and it rocks.


Not available where I live and I’m not interested in growing so many plants. Therefore more into small and discrete units (grobo/seedo).

preference is key. as are individual needs. Im not planning on growing 4 plants, but if I were to get one, I would grow one massive plant.

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@fanatic This is fantastic feedback, I appreciate your help. My takeaways are that it’s really important to you that the grow is discrete in all forms (Light and smell).

From the sounds of it you enjoy the automation because it gives you peace of mind and allows a more flexible schedule.

I’ll be interested to see how the Seedo machine fairs once it actually starts shipping. Also I’m glad that we are able to provide the customer support and supportive community that you’re looking for, it’s something we strongly value.

Thanks again for helping me out with this. It’s much appreciated.


@Osage Cloudponics is on our radar, however as @fanatic mentioned they are only our competitors in some cases. It sounds like Cloudponics makes a respectable product. However many people are looking for something more compact for their growing solutions as it fits more seamlessly into there home and with there lifestyle.

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Yep I get that, and whilst some people are looking for something that will be compact, discrete, and produce a low yield, others are looking for something not so compact, yet still discrete, that will produce more product. As stated above each individual has their individual needs. That said I do like that the seedo is hermetically sealed (their words). However the price tag on that little unit compared with the cloudponics…well I just see a better value and product all round. Again just my opinion, and I’m stickin to it :rofl::joy::scream::beer::clinking_glasses::champagne::balloon:

@Osage I’m with ya on the cloudponics being able to grow more … looking at my grobo I see the potential to grow 3-4 plants without making the grobo that much bigger… let’s be honest 3-4 ounces every three months is not that much yield as me and my wife can smoke an ounce a week shared if we really wanted too… i think grobo should have tiered products like almost how iPhone offers tree different versions based on price and need for technology… I think grobo could do the same because quiet honestly 2k for the current grobo is not really worth it due to it not being built out of the greatest materials and quality … tons of light leaks, loud , hard to clean etc… I would focus on how to make the grobo better in quality and cheaper before moving on

What you smoking out of to burn through that much weed


@Bongsmoker89 I mean think about a pre roll raw paper can hold 1.2 grams and that’s the smaller size … so if you smoke 2-3 a day between and another adult I mean it’s pretty easy without even being a heavy smoker …


Get a bong you’ll lose way less weed

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@Bongsmoker89 yea I have a few and some rigs for wax … but rolling a jay beats it all… lol I dont necessarily smoke that much I’m just if I me and my wife wanted to we could which is my only reason for wanting a bigger grobo