DIY Grobo door cover

I keep my Grobo in my bedroom with that the light from the the door can be distracting while sleeping. What I have been doing is covering it up with a towel but I find this not the best solution.I have a nice functional piece of Hardware I’d like to show it off more plus the :slightly_smiling_face::groboone: is fancy ! I made a cover out of plastic sheet from the hardware store I bought magnets first taping them to the sheet. Then I put a heavy duty black trash bag over the back covering the magnets and taped just the edges of the sheet

. Let me know what you think I made sure the cover goes well beyond the fluid glass so as not to even touch it.


That’s really dope man … that’s awesome makes me want to try it


@chris_barfield that’s how I feel about a lot of the people in the community they use different things that I’m like I want that LOL I’ve been thinking about this cover for a while because the light is bright and using the towel just looks kind of cheap it was really easy to make.


Look better than my beach blanket!

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Team grobo should add this to the shop asap.


@fanatic It is really easy to make! I wouldn’t consider myself crafty at all just motivated. The Grobo team could make something like this to add to the shop even more refined I was limited in my plastic options but it does the job well. I would like to come up with something for the door edges that the light leaks thru. I’ve seen some ideas on the forum but its tricky as the door is a moving part I wouldn’t want to use magnet tape or something similar so I’m not sure.


Def agree

@alucard that’s awesome! Great idea and good job! Currently mine is in the basement so no light worries, but we will be moving in a few months so this might be needed!