Day 7 of Curing

Hi, all! Curing my 5/13 harvest in jars for seven days now. Rh has dropped a bit from 60 to 58 percent. All looking well.


Awesome! What strain?

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(GSC grow:)

(I Guess One [Topic] for One Plant isn’t Enough): :scream:

(Please Growers Make One [Topic] For One Plant): :confused:

(OrNot): :innocent:

(JustSayingWalkInOurShoesForOneDay): :athletic_shoe: :ballet_shoes: :computer: :computer_mouse:





Lol @SilverGrobo funny but true

Just make sure your humidity doesn’t keep dropping @MindFlayer. If you don’t want to add anything to it to help that’s “unnatural” like a boveda or integra you can add some stems if you have them still that aren’t totally dry. I’ve seen some do that to raise it or even fan leaves but stems lessen the chance of mold happening



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Girl Scout Cookies, which smell nothing like Girl Scout cookies

Would moist cotton balls be useful?

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I’ve never hear of anyone doing so. You could :man_shrugging:. I mean in theory it could work. I just wouldn’t put cotton balls directly on them, might get stuck and end up with hairy weed lol. Maybe try and keep it on the underside of the lid. You have to watch the humidity for sure though cause there’s nothing stopping it from getting too high except you at that point lol

This is what happens when noobs start to experiment with trying to improve anything and save money on everything. Now I know enough to be dangerous. Humidity shot up to 80, and yes, had to comb some nuggets for the white hairs from the cotton.

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Yeah I had a feeling that would happen, both things lol. Maybe put them in some paper, make a little pouch lol. But yeah just leave it in for shorter periods of time maybe too? At least you have a hygrometer and can adjust accordingly :+1:

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